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9 Types of The Best Coffee Beans from Indonesia

Type of the Best Coffee Beans from Indonesia

1. Gayo Coffee – Aceh

The best type of Aceh coffee is Gayo Arabica Coffee from Sumatra province. Gayo Aceh coffee has a watery texture, is not too thick, and has a balanced level of acidity. One of the best types of coffee has a long process until it becomes fruit.

gayo aceh coffee from indonesia

First, the coffee beans are cooked in the oven for up to 4 hours until they reach 80 percent. After that, the coffee beans are added with sugar. The taste is also unique compared to other Arabica coffees, it’s no wonder that this type of coffee in Indonesia is well-known to foreign countries.

2. Kintamani Coffee – Bali

The next best type of coffee from Indonesia comes from the Province of Bali. Bali Kintamani Coffee is one type of coffee that is popular in Japan, Europe, and Arabia.

The distinctive feature of Kintamani coffee is that it has a slightly bitter taste and has an orange taste. Because, there is a predominance of fresh citrus acid and floral aroma in it. How come there is a taste of fruit, anyway ? This is because coffee farmers in Kintamani are always neighbors with orange groves, so there is a fresh after-taste.

3. Flores Bajawa Coffee

flores bajawa coffee from indonesia

Other types of Arabica coffee are Flores Bajawa coffee. Coffee from Flores, Indonesia is grown at an altitude of 1,000-1,550 meters above sea level (masl). Precisely in Ngada Regency, Flores, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT). The distinctive characteristic of the taste of Flores coffee is its nutty taste or nuts and caramel. The texture is thick with a slightly sour sensation.

4. Coffee Temanggung

This type of robusta coffee from Indonesia is certainly familiar to your ears, right ? Temanggung coffee has been known for its unique aroma, like tobacco when drinking it. Of course this coffee is a mainstay for European countries, the Middle East to Latin America.

5. Toraja Coffee

Furthermore, there is Toraja coffee originating from South Sulawesi whose name is well known to Japan and America. Toraja coffee is one of the best types of coffee in Indonesia which has a taste of cinnamon or cardamom. Even Key Coffe, a Japanese company, has patented Toraja coffee as a premium drink. Isn’t that cool ?

6. Coffee Stimulated Meranti – Riau

Furthermore, this type entered into Liberica coffee. Meranti stimulant coffee is declared as one of the best agricultural products by the Directorate General of National Intellectual Property of the Republic of Indonesia.

The taste of stimulant coffee is unique. However, the price can make you shake your head. The price of stimulated stimulant coffee is quite fantastic, in the coffee market it can reach Rp180-Rp200 thousand per kilogram.

7. Wamena Coffee – Papua

Papua wamena coffee has a unique taste, such as a chocolate and floral aroma that combines with a medium sour taste. This type of arabica coffee is grown in the Baliem Valley, one of the Jayawijaya mountains with an altitude of 2,000 meters above sea level (masl). There is something special about the process of planting wamena coffee, which is grown using traditional tools.

It is certain that wamena coffee is grown without chemical fertilizers and pesticides. One of the areas that dominates wamena coffee farmers is Tagulik Village, Bugi District, Jayawijaya Regency. Best Coffee Beans from Indonesia

8. Ijen Raung’s Java Coffee

java ijen raung coffee from indonesia

Finally, there is the Java Ijen coffee, roared from Bondowoso. The first time this coffee was exported was in 2011 and has skyrocketed in overseas markets.

This original Indonesian coffee has a characteristic taste that is slightly spicy with the aroma of forest flowers. Because it is included in the Arabica coffee category, this coffee has a moderate level of acidity.

9. Luwak Coffee

One of these legendary coffees was discovered in the 1700s. Luwak coffee is one of the best types of coffee in Indonesia which is popular to the world.

The characteristics of Luwak coffee are that it smells like pandanus. The scent can smell up to meters, lo. So, if you smell musty, of course it’s fake


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