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The Advantages of Gayo Arabica Coffee

The Advantages of Gayo Arabica Coffee

Arabica coffee is an export product that has superior quality in Indonesia. When viewed specifically, this coffee plantation commodity is the main commodity in the Gayo highland area, namely, Central Aceh Regency. In addition, this plantation is also being promoted in the Bener Meriah area. It should be noted that the coffee plantations in these two areas can reach 100 000 hectares. For coffee production in this plantation it can reach 200000 tons or more.

Basically, this coffee plantation commodity then turned into the main support of the economy in the Aceh region with the mountainous topography. One of the things that is very interesting is that the gross regional domestic product in this area is dominated by the sale of Arabica coffee produced by farmers in this area. Even the marketing and sales of coffee products in Aceh’s plantations have reached various regions and even to foreign regions, including Asia, Europe, and America. And then many people call this coffee Gayo coffee because it is in accordance with the geographical identity in Gayo. The great thing is that now Gayo coffee has been able to become a competitor of Arabica coffee produced in Latin American countries, especially in Brazil, countries on the African continent, and several countries in Asia such as Thailand and Vietnam. Thus it can be said that Gayo coffee has been able to compete in the world coffee market so that it can become a strong economic milestone.

Gayo Coffee, Quality Organic Coffee

One of the advantages of Gayo coffee is that it is organic coffee which has a distinctive delicious taste. There is a new coffee market, specialty coffee, which is a great opportunity to make a profit and must be grabbed. In specialty coffee, there is organic coffee, namely Gayo coffee in it. Actually, organic coffee is coffee that is produced using sustainable or sustainable agricultural understanding. Thus, matters relating to the conservation aspects of natural resources, the safety of the harvest for human health, environmental safety aspects because it is avoided from compounds that can pollute, and the nutritional value of coffee is very concerned. In addition, organic coffee cultivation such as Gayo coffee will provide benefits to the socio-economic aspects so that this also gets special attention.

So it is not like the opinion of most people regarding organic coffee which is coffee cultivation without using pesticides, artificial fertilizers and without any maintenance. In fact, there are many aspects that must be considered related to organic coffee cultivation. It should be noted that organic coffee can only be produced on land that has a high fertility rate and has sufficient rainfall and good environmental carrying capacity. Thus, organic coffee will be able to thrive and provide yields that spill over.

Soil management is something very important related to the provision of organic matter in the soil by utilizing microbes such as mycorrhizal fungi. Because Arabica coffee plantation areas are usually in highland areas that have hill and mountain topography. Thus, erosion control can use terraces. Meanwhile, controlling organisms that interfere with coffee plants can be done by using an integrated control system that prioritizes biological control. It should be noted that the beauveria bassiana fungus can be used to control powder pests on coffee cherries, while trichoderma sp. can be used to control coffee root fungus. The neem leaf extract can be used for botanical pesticides.

For handling after harvesting organic coffee, detailed accuracy is required so that the coffee produced can comply with the quality standards of the coffee beans. When producing organic coffee, it is important to pay attention to the benefits that are obtained by producers, processors and traders. It should be noted that the only province that has been able to export its organic coffee is Aceh, especially in the Gayo highlands. Thus, the organic coffee produced by Gayo farmers can be recognized by the world with a high market price. This of course will have a good influence on the welfare of farmers.

The excellence of Arabica coffee from the Gayo Highlands has been recognized by the world because it has received an official certificate in 2010. And it should be noted that organic coffee, which originates from the Gayo Highlands, has been named the best coffee in the world according to the cupping score that has been done by the world coffee taskap expert. Meanwhile, the organic system of agriculture in cultivating Gayo Arabica coffee is able to make Gayo coffee one of the coffees that have the highest selling value in the world. And the great thing is that this Gayo coffee has a higher market price than other coffees in New York. It is no wonder that Gayo coffee has a very extraordinary quality. For the aroma and taste of Gayo coffee, it is very specific and not like coffee that comes from other countries. This is because Gayo coffee is organic coffee that is very concerned about the cultivation process to processing. Lots of parties recognize the advantages of Gayo coffee and give the highest appreciation because the Gayo Highlands are able to produce or produce the best quality coffee.

Why is Gayo Coffee superior to other coffees ?

There are several reasons why this coffee is superior to other coffees. The first is related to coffee varieties grown by farmers who are able to produce the best quality coffee. Farmers in the Gayo highlands now grow coffee more often with the Gayo 1 and Gayo 2 and P88 varieties. The three types of varieties have been recognized as superior coffee varieties in Indonesia.

Second, that is related to climate and soil types in the highland area which has hilly hill soil with an altitude of above 1000 masl. This of course will support this organic coffee production process. No wonder the resulting taste is very distinctive and steady.

The third is related to wet processing carried out by Gayo coffee farmers. This wet processing method is very unique. And this is one of the factors that causes this organic coffee to have the best taste.

The fourth is related to agricultural practices that have been carried out by farmers in general, in accordance with consumer demands. Gayo coffee is grown using an organic farming system that is really considered from various aspects. For this reason, it is not surprising that Gayo coffee is superior to other coffees and has even become in demand in the international market

When viewed in terms of productivity, Gayo coffee can be said to be classified as low, namely still in the mass range of 1 ton of green beans per hectare per year. It should be noted that the majority of coffee farmers in this area still use conventional agricultural patterns. With this conventional method, it is able to make Gayo coffee superior in price and marketing because the quality produced will be better.

The Highest Selling Value of Gayo Coffee in the World

Although the Gayo coffee plantation pattern is still based on conventional cultivation, the coffee produced by farmers in the Gayo Highlands has prices that are above average compared to prices for coffee originating from other regions. Even the price of Gayo coffee is higher than world coffee prices. For an overview of the price of Arabica coffee, it is as follows. If the price of unhulled coffee today reaches IDR 50,000 per kg at the farmer level, then the price of ready-to-process coffee beans can reach IDR 100,000 per kg at the merchant level. And keep in mind that the export price of Gayo coffee will soar even up to three times. No wonder Gayo coffee is in demand by many people in the world.

With various advantages possessed by Gayo coffee, Gayo coffee is able to determine prices without measuring the reference to world market prices. This is because the specifications of Gayo coffee are very distinctive and have premium quality that can make buyers able and dare to bid at high prices. Gini also established many cafes and coffee shops in various big cities in Indonesia. Most of these coffee shops serve Gayo coffee so this is a great market opportunity. In addition, it also introduces Gayo coffee through online media so that coffee lovers can get to know this Arabica coffee and enjoy its delicious taste. The Advantages Gayo Arabica Coffee

It should be noted that in the domestic market in several big cities, green beans from premium quality Gayo Arabica coffee can reach a price of IDR 400,000 per kg and some even penetrate IDR 800,000 per kg for certain types of coffee. With such a high price, of course, the quality provided is no joke.

Become a Source of Economy for the Gayo People

It should be noted that the results of this Gayo Arabica coffee farming are able to provide welfare for the farming community because buyers are able to pay for this organic coffee at a relatively high price. Basically, the productivity of the coffee produced is not optimal and if cultivated it can be further improved. However, if you look directly in the field, the level of economy and welfare is relatively high from the sale of Gayo coffee. When entering the villages in this area, most of the houses of the residents are in the middle of a coffee plantation. And you will see the large houses that are still in very good condition. In addition, there are also adequate vehicle facilities where almost every resident has a motorized vehicle, both two-wheeled and four-wheeled. Even a family can have several vehicles. This proves that the sale of the Gayo Arabica coffee plantation is able to support the economy for the local farming community.

In addition, from the sales of coffee, the farmers are also able to provide educational facilities for their children so that it is very rare to find out if the children of Gayo coffee farmers do not go to college. Actually, the economic life in the region will depend on this coffee commodity so that there is almost no significant economic turmoil in this region. It should be noted that when all regions of Aceh have experienced a prolonged conflict over a period of several years, the Gayo highlands area hardly gets this impact. This is of course due to the existence of Gayo coffee which is able to maintain the people’s economy.

The existence of this Gayo Arabica coffee plantation is not only able to become a milestone in the economy of the farming community, but also able to absorb labor in the local area. It should be noted that every harvest period requires labor so that other people can benefit from this Gayo coffee production.

With the existence of Gayo coffee plantations, the seasonal unemployment that is often found in the seasonal crop sector will decrease with the help of the Gayo Arabica coffee commodity. In this day it can be concluded that there are two very important indicators, namely the absorption of labor and income, because it can be ascertained that Gayo Arabica coffee will continue to grow and make a positive contribution to the economy of the Gayo highlands. If Gayo coffee is known throughout Indonesia, it can be said that this coffee commodity is one of the largest commodities. Moreover, the quality of Gayo coffee has been recognized by the world and is now used as a black gold commodity that will stand up even more despite the wave of economic crisis.

Even though it has got good credibility, one of the biggest tasks and homework for Gayo coffee farmers is to continue to maintain and develop the quality of this Arabica coffee so that productivity can be maintained. The way this is done is by maintaining conventional farming systems and patterns. Now areas that produce arabica coffee are increasingly emerging and developing the better. Thus this is a new challenge for Arabica coffee farmers in the Gayo Highlands.

If you are able to maintain the quality and aroma and productivity of Gayo coffee, you will be able to compete in the global market. Because it cannot be denied that the sales proceeds from this Gayo coffee will have a huge impact on the economy so that it will affect various sectors. For this reason, Gayo coffee gardening must really be considered well so that it will still be able to provide the best quality coffee to buyers.

Arabica coffee connoisseurs should try Gayo coffee which is the best organic coffee in the world. Coffee lovers do not hesitate to spend a lot of money to get Gayo coffee because it has a very delicious aroma. The characteristics and uniqueness of this Gayo coffee will certainly never be separated from the style coffee plantation maintenance system carried out by the farmers. If cared for properly, the yields of Arabica coffee will look good. And please note that the maintenance of Gayo coffee is certainly different from the others. Various aspects related to the Gayo coffee plantation are really well cared for so that they can grow and develop.

If you want to see the harvest process of Gayo coffee, you can go directly to the Gayo Highlands. There, the harvest process will be carried out until post-harvest, namely until it becomes ground coffee ready to be called. To maintain the excellence and quality of Gayo coffee, it certainly doesn’t take a short time. This Advantages Gayo Arabica coffee farmer has to sacrifice a lot of time and energy to cultivate Gayo Arabica coffee plantations so that it remains quality coffee in the world.

The Advantages of Gayo Arabica Coffee

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