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Flores Arabica Coffee

Flores Arabica Coffee From East Indonesia

Coffee is one drink that has no doubt about its enjoyment. One of the coffee producers that has a unique and delicious taste is Flores. With a tropical climate, coffee plants thrive in Flores with very satisfying results. One of the most popular is Flores Arabica coffee.
This coffee comes from the highlands of Ngada district, Flores, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT). Flores has two types of coffee that are quite delicious, namely Manggarai and Bajawa. Bajawa itself is a type of Arabica coffee that has gone global and is favored by coffee connoisseurs.

Flores Arabica Coffee Cultivation

Flores is one of the islands in eastern Indonesia. One of the areas in the Flores archipelago that produces the best coffee beans is Bajawa. Even the coffee produced has spread throughout the world.
This coffee plantation in the Ngada highlands reaches 1,000 to 1,550 masl. With a climate and rainfall of around 2,500 mm per year, June to October are the dry months.
Bajawa Flores has a very fertile and natural area. Thus Flores coffee grows well in Bajawa plantations which have an altitude of above 1300 masl. Uniquely, the higher the coffee plantation is, the better the quality of the coffee produced.
Arabica coffee originating from Flores is the largest contributor to coffee exports for Indonesia. No wonder the Flores Arabica coffee is offered at a quite expensive price compared to other regional coffees. Some of the countries that this coffee is exported to are America, Europe and so on.
This Flores coffee is easy to grow and can be produced quickly. Even the production age of this coffee reaches 20 years. The capacity for each production is 4-5 kg ​​per tree. With this high production yield, this Arabica coffee from Flores is able to penetrate the international market.
Kopi Arabika Flores Bajawa Coffee Arks

The Advantages of Flores Arabica Coffee

This coffee from Flores has several features and advantages. Here are some of the advantages of coffee that is very popular around the world:

1. Organic Cultivation

This Flores Arabica coffee is cultivated using organic methods. Where the fertilizers used on this plant are natural fertilizers without using pesticides. In this natural way, this coffee produces a very distinctive aroma and taste.

2. Has a Distinctive Aroma and Taste

This coffee originating from Flores has a very strong aroma. Thus this coffee is very tempting for anyone who inhales its aroma

3. Has a Balanced Level of Acidity

This Flores coffee has a medium level of acidity and body. That way, this coffee is very suitable for consumption by anyone because it has a very balanced taste. In addition, the taste of Arabica coffee is also very light.

Characteristics of Flores Arabica Coffee

The entire process of planting Flores coffee is carried out through an organic process or does not use chemicals. So that the quality can be guaranteed and the taste of this coffee is stronger and more fragrant. At harvest time, Flores coffee will have a grayish green color and the post-harvest process is usually wet processed or dry ground. The characteristics that exist in Flores coffee are more sweetness or have a sweet sensation, the acidity level is balanced or medium, and there is a caramel flavor, also chocolate, helzanut, macadamia nut flavors, even herbal flavors in it and full body. With the characteristics possessed by Flores coffee, so the number of enthusiasts is also increasing.
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