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Character and Taste of Toraja Coffee, Favorite in Europe

Character and Taste of Toraja Coffee

The distinctive character of Toraja coffee is a thick body and low acidity. The taste is predominantly brown and earthy. Toraja coffee’s very strong taste makes it a favorite and is sold at high prices in Northern European countries. In fact, this drink is considered a luxury drink.
Tana Toraja is located in South Sulawesi Province, to be precise to the north of Makassar. Plantations in this area are generally not very large and are owned by individuals, but are scattered and very numerous. The majority of coffee plantations are in North Toraja, but the green bean buying and selling process and center are in Makale, Tana Toraja.
Character of Toraja Coffee Bean
The distinctive character of the coffee produced in this area is its thick body and low acidity. When you drink it, your mouth will get a taste sensation that sticks to the palate.
The coffee pulping process from South Sulawesi uses a method that includes a semi washed method, namely the wet hull method. The semi washed method usually produces characters that have a thick body and low acidity.
In addition, the flavor notes that are felt when tasting the taste of Toraja coffee are very rich berries and spices. The aroma is dominated by fragrances of spices and cinnamon. While the aftertaste that you can feel from the coffee is dark chocolate.
Freshly Picked Coffee In Toraja
This flavor is very popular especially in countries in Northern Europe such as Denmark and Iceland. Green beans from South Sulawesi are one of Indonesia’s export commodities, especially to Europe, Japan and the United States.
The very rich character of Toraja coffee makes it delicious even if brewed by any method. If you want a thick flavor, serve it crushed or espresso. Meanwhile, if you like the taste a little lighter, brew it by pouring over.
There are two types of coffee grown in Toraja, namely arabica and robusta. Most types of arabica are sold as green beans, while robusta is processed as an ingredient for instant coffee and typical souvenirs. The delicious taste of Toraja coffee makes it used as a house blend so that the body is syrupy and bold.

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