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Indonesian Luwak Coffee, One of the Most Expensive Coffees in the World

Indonesian Luwak Coffee

Luwak coffee is a drink that comes from coffee beans harvested from the cleaned feces of the wild luwak. This drink has a smoother taste than coffee in general, presumably this is due to the fermentation process in the luwak stomach. Indonesian luwak coffee is one of the luxury drinks that is exported at very high prices.

Luwak coffee is one of the most expensive coffees in the world because this drink has exotic value and its availability is very rare. Indonesian luwak coffee is selling well and is very popular among coffee lovers because it is considered to have a smooth and friendly taste in the stomach.

Not everyone can appreciate this drink because many are disgusted by the basic ingredients that come from luwak animal feces. Because of this, this drink has also received a bad nickname in various countries. The term most used by the US media is ‘cat poop coffee‘.

Various oblique issues have attacked this typical Indonesian beverage product. Even so, the Indonesian luwak coffee industry seems untroubled and continues to sell well in the market at high prices.

How is the actual process of luwak coffee production ? Why is it still expensive until now ? Stay tuned for this article to find out the ins and outs of the world’s most expensive coffee.

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Indonesian Luwak Coffee

Why is Luwak Coffee Expensive ?

There are three main factors that make Indonesian luwak coffee more expensive than coffee in general. The three factors are a long production process, the number of harvests that are not as big as ordinary coffee beans, and the taste of coffee that is not thick.

Initially, this drink was discovered when the Dutch colonial government implemented forced coffee cultivation. People who were curious about the taste of coffee found intact beans in the feces of an animal similar to a weasel. They process the seeds from the dirt, roast it, then brew it.

The enjoyment of this drink is heard by the Dutch government. They then collect and sell very expensive Indonesian luwak coffee.

The process begins when the coffee plant enters the harvest period. The fruit that is ready to be harvested will begin to turn reddish in color. Luwak has the habit and ability to choose the best quality coffee cherries, so these animals will eat the fruit with good seeds.

The fruit that is eaten will be digested by this animal, the strange thing is that the digestion of this animal cannot destroy the layer of the coffee, only the pulp and epidermis. In the digestion of this cat-like animal, the seeds will undergo a fermentation process.

Dirt or feces from this mongoose will later be collected for cleaning. No kidding, the washing process can take up to 5-7 times. The washing process is also carried out in running water to keep it clean.

Once clean, the next process is roasting or roasting. The roasting process is only up to a medium roast level. The reason is to maintain a unique taste character.

The roasted beans are then packaged in whole beans or powder for sale. Some breeding areas have even opened luwak coffee cafes so that visitors can enjoy this most expensive coffee immediately after roasting.

Indonesian Luwak Coffee

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Difference between Luwak and Regular Coffee

Kopi Luwak goes through a longer process flow before it reaches your cup. Because the process is different, the taste and content in the most expensive coffee in the world will certainly not be the same as regular coffee.

  1. Taste

At first glance, there is nothing different from this drink, the resulting color is the same as the usual coffee, brownish black. However, if you have talked about aroma and taste, it is certainly not the same.

The taste of luwak coffee is very subtle, there is no bitter taste, and there is a hint of fruity tart which is refreshing. The final taste or aftertaste of this most expensive coffee is very clean, leaving no bitterness.

Indonesian luwak coffee almost always has a unique fruity taste. In fact, coffee beans in each region have different taste characters. The natural fermentation process in the luwak stomach is what gives off a strong fruity taste when it’s brewed.

The aroma of this luxury drink is more fragrant and stronger. There was not the slightest trace of the smell of animal feces or other unpleasant odors.

  1. Substance content

According to Hasanuddin University research results, there is no difference between the types of substances contained in luwak coffee and ordinary coffee. However, there are differences in the levels of substances contained in them:

  • – Percentage of robusta luwak coffee caffeine content is 1.77% and arabica luwak coffee is 1.74%, while regular robusta coffee is 1.91% and ordinary arabica 1.85%.
  • The percentage of protein contained in robusta luwak coffee is 16.23% and arabica luwak 14.84%, while in regular robusta coffee is 18.34% and ordinary arabica 16.72%.
  • Fat content in robusta luwak coffee is 18.45% and arabica luwak 19.76%, while in regular robusta coffee is 16.41% and ordinary arabica 17.37%.

In short, the levels of caffeine and protein in luwak coffee beans are slightly lower than regular coffee. Meanwhile, the fat content in the most expensive coffee is slightly higher than coffee in general. Both of these results apply to arabica and robusta beans, where arabica beans are lower in caffeine than robusta.

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