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Ijen Raung Java Arabica Coffee

Characteristics and Benefits of Ijen Raung Arabica Coffee

Ijen Raung java arabica coffee, typical of Bondowoso, is very delicious and unique. Where one of these coffees has a tamarind taste with a spicy blend that is not felt. The bitterness of the coffee beans does not taste thick, even the aroma is very distinctive with the smell of forest flowers. What makes this coffee more and more popular with Indonesian coffee lovers.

Characteristics of Ijen Arabica Coffee

If Indonesia is known as the number 1 coffee producer in the world, then one coffee that must be tried is Ijen Raung Arabica Coffee. Where this coffee has a distinctive taste. Where this coffee is washed in the process and grows in the east of Ijen Crater, at an altitude of 1400 meters. This coffee has very unique characteristics and of course it is different from other coffees. These characteristics include:

  1. When compared to other Arabica coffees, this typical Bondowoso coffee is considered lighter Arabica coffee with a low acidity level. So that the sour taste that is presented is very exotic.
  2. The taste that is owned is very unique, which has a nutty taste and tastes a little like chocolate when tasted. You will feel the distinctive aroma when you brew it for the first time.
  3. This Java Ijen Raung coffee has a soft texture so it looks sweet in its presentation.

These characteristics make Java Ijen coffee deserve to get an IG certificate. With this distinctive and unique taste, coffee farmer plantations are increasingly being sought after. And the commodity is getting higher.

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Ijen Raung Java Arabica Coffee

Benefits of Java Ijen Coffee for Health

Judging from the characteristics of Bondowoso coffee, it has the best impact on the body. Which Ijen Raung Arabica coffee has the best benefits for health. What are the benefits and the explanation:

1. Helps Weight Loss

Many do not believe that coffee can help with weight loss. But in fact, brewing coffee can help someone lose weight. Where the content of coffee in the form of caffeine can help release bad fats in the body. So that Java Ijen coffee can be used as a dietary pattern.

2. As an Antioxidant

According to research experts, this coffee shows that the content in coffee beans has more antioxidants that are needed by the body. In fact, some of the best coffee has proven to be the number one source of antioxidants in the American diet. So Ijen java coffee is very good for consumption by anyone as an antioxidant enhancer.

3. Strengthen Memory Or Brain Work System

If you always feel sleepy, drinking coffee can actually calm your mind and can also sharpen your memory in the long and short term. What’s more, with the taste of Ijen’s roared Java Arabica coffee, this makes coffee fans enjoy it even more. That way the working system of the brain will tend to be strong in the way of remembering and the speed at which a person reacts.

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4. Prevent Diabetes

Maybe many don’t understand about the benefits of Ijen’s roar Java black coffee. It turns out that this coffee can reduce excessive sugar levels so that it becomes a diabetes which is still difficult to cure. By consuming coffee, diabetes can reduce diabetes.

5. As a Skin Beauty

And one of the biggest benefits of Java Ijen’s black coffee is for the beauty process. Where the black cells on the skin can be lifted so that the skin becomes smooth. With the presence of antioxidants that function to ward off free radicals, this is where coffee can be used for beauty.

Already understand, not how beneficial it is to consume coffee. So don’t make the wrong choice of Ijen Raung’s Java Arabica coffee, besides being able to enjoy it, it turns out that the coffee also has a lot of benefits contained therein. What’s more, adjust the consumption of sugar when drinking coffee so that a distinctive taste sensation can be felt.

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