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Taste of Papua Wamena Coffee

Character and Taste of Papua Wamena Coffee, Coffee Without Pesticides


papua wamena coffee

Papuan Wamena Coffee Taste

The taste of Papua Wamena coffee is very unique, ranging from chocolate and floral aroma, medium acid, to medium body. There are many opinions among coffee connoisseurs that this rare floral aroma is caused by the height of the soil and the way it is planted without using pesticides.

The abundant wealth in the land of Papua has become an open secret in Indonesia. Starting from mining products, seafood, beautiful panoramas, to plantations that produce delicious coffee beans. There are two largest coffee producing regions in Papua, namely Nabire and Wamena.

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Location of Papua Wamena Coffee Plantation

Papuan coffee plantations in Wamena are located along a valley that surrounds Wamena City, Baliem Valley. The valley is located on the east side of Mount Jayawijaya with a length of approximately 80 km.

Coffee plants in the Baliem Valley are planted at an altitude of 1,200 to 1,600 masl. The plantation land is volcanic and the temperature reaches 15 ° C at night. This condition is very good for farming.

The type cultivated in Wamena, Papua, is the Arabica species which is ideal for planting at an altitude of 1,000 masl and above. In general, the higher the soil on which the coffee plant grows, the better the quality of the fruit.


papua wamena coffee

Papuan Wamena Coffee Character

Papua wamena coffee is known to have a balanced and smooth taste. The resulting aroma is quite fragrant brown and floral, medium body, medium sweetness, and low acidity. In addition, this type also produces flavor notes that tend to be earthy with a herbal sensation and a smokey aftertaste.

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The taste of Papua Wamena coffee is very unique because it is rare for Indonesian coffee to have a floral sensation. Many q graders argue that the appearance of this aroma is influenced by planting conditions that do not use any pesticides and chemical compounds.

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