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3 The Most Unique Indonesian Coffee Beverages

3 The Most Unique Indonesian Coffee Beverages– With so many coffee bean types in Indonesia, plus the best environment and weather to plant them, it is not surprising if we also can find various Indonesian coffee beverages.

Each of them has a different taste that amplifies the true flavor of the coffee bean. Moreover, all of them are delicious. For that reason, many coffee lovers like to choose Indonesia as their top destination to explore and satisfy their taste buds.

Now, if we have to choose the coffee beverage from Indonesia that has the best flavor and uniqueness, we have three names in our minds. Here, we are going to share with you the best Indonesian coffee beverage that you can only enjoy in this tropical country. Let’s start!

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3 The Most Unique Indonesian Coffee Beverages

1. Kopi Tubruk (Tubruk Coffee)

3 The Most Unique Indonesian Coffee Beverages
Kopi Tubruk (Tubruk Coffee)

The characteristic of this coffee beverage is thick and rich. You will get a powerful kick of deliciousness once you try a sip of it. This coffee beverage has one of the easiest preparation methods. First of all, you need to add fine or medium-ground coffee into a glass or cup. Then, pour the hot boiling water into it. Mix it with a spoon finely. After that, let it sit for a minute to wait for the coffee ground to settle at the bottom of the glass.

This preparation method is similar to what you can find in Turkish coffee. It said that this preparation method was introduced by a trader from the Middle East in the past. This kind of preparation has become the common preparation of traditional Indonesian coffee beverages.

How about sugar? For Kopi Tubruk, sugar is optional. However, if you want to add some sweet flavor to it, you can add it at the same time when you add the coffee grounds. So, when you mix the ground with the hot water, you also induce the sweet flavor from sugar at the same time. If you want to taste this coffee, try to go to coffee shops or street food vendors. Mostly, they have it on their menu.

2. Kopi Joss (Joss Coffee or Charcoal Coffee)

3 The Most Unique Indonesian Coffee Beverages
Kopi Joss (Joss Coffee)

When you visit Yogyakarta, make sure you find a coffee shop that serves this coffee. Kopi Joss might be the most unique Indonesia coffee beverages you have ever found. Why is it unique? You can see it from how it is prepared.

It uses a similar brewing method as Kopi Tubruk. However, after you mix the coffee grounds with hot water, you need to put a piece of burning charcoal into your glass of coffee. The visual looks astounding because it will make the coffee bubble, like boiled water.

On the other hand, it said that adding burning charcoal also creates a new flavor. The charcoal neutralizes the acidic taste in your coffee. Therefore, the taste becomes lighter and it has a hint of caramel flavor in it. Many people in Indonesia also believe that adding burning charcoal gives extra health benefits to a coffee beverage.

3. Kopi Khop (Khop Coffee)

Indonesian Coffee
Kopi Khop (Khop Coffee)

Kopi Khop could be one of the unique coffee beverages you can find on Earth. It uses a standard brewing method. However, how it is served makes it one of the coffee beverages from Indonesia you should try. As you might already know, when you drink a coffee, there is a small plate you use to put your glass/cup on. Kopi Khop is also like that.

However, the part that makes it different is how they place the cup or glass. It is upside down. The coffee inside the glass won’t spill out. It is because of the difference in air pressure between the outside and inside the glass. Therefore, the coffee will stay there.

When you order this coffee beverage, you will also get a straw connected to the inside of the glass. You need to blow air through it to let the coffee slowly get out from the glass. Then, you can sip it through the small plate on the bottom of it.


As you can see, Indonesia is not only a country rich in various types of coffee with delicious flavors. You also can find many unique beverages made of this bean, which give you a different experience of enjoying a cup of coffee. So, try the Indonesian coffee beverages now!

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