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Indonesian Coffee Regions where You Can Enjoy the Real Taste of Coffee

Indonesian Coffee Regions – Indonesia is one of the coffee producers with various coffee varieties. Guess what! The most expensive coffee, the Luwak coffee, also comes from this country. Thanks to its environment and climate, Indonesia has been producing various high-quality coffee beans. Here, you will learn more about the Indonesian coffee region that produces those delicious coffees.

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5 Indonesian Coffee Regions


Sumatra is one of the coffee regions in Indonesia that produces many popular coffee varieties in the world. The coffee bean from Sumatra has a complex flavor profile. You can taste the various flavors from earthy, creamy, and even chocolate flavor in a cup of Sumatra coffee. Sumatra also is located in the western part of Indonesia. Therefore, the harvest season on this island is the earliest, which is around November to March.

Sumatra has fertile soil because of volcanic ash. Therefore, this soil characteristic also affects the coffee bean flavor from this region. It is where the earthy flavor comes from. Sumatra coffee also uses a wet hulling processing method. This method reduces the acidity level of Sumatra coffee, which makes it easier to enjoy and smoother.


In the past, when the Dutch invaded Indonesia, the Dutch East India Company brought Arabica coffee plants to Indonesia. They started a plantation in Java in the 17th century. Even though before that some people have already planted coffee, however, during that time, the real coffee industry starts to bloom. And, it keeps growing and developing until today.

Now, Java Island is an Indonesian coffee region that produces many world-famous coffee beans. The consumer has more options they can try from the variety of Java coffee. Moreover, its flavor profile is also unique. Compared to Sumatra coffee that has an earthy flavor, Java coffee has a cleaner and sweeter taste with low acidity.

Because of these high-quality coffee beans, Java is not well known as a popular Indonesian coffee region. The word Java is also used as the substitution or the way people from all around the world call coffee beverages.


Sulawesi has six different provinces where all of which produce high-quality coffee beans. However, you might know more about Toraja highland with its famous Toraja coffee. Similar to Sumatra, many coffee farmers in this area use the wet-hulling method. That will reduce its acidity to make it easier to enjoy.

Many coffee plantations in Indonesia are located in the highland up to 6,000 feet above sea level. It also includes the coffee plantation in Sulawesi. This plantation system helps the coffee to grow bigger. Plus, it also produces a cleaner and smoother coffee finish.

How about its flavor profile? Sulawesi coffee mostly has a lighter flavor. However, you can still feel the strong and bold variation of its texture with a hint of creaminess in it. It has a nutty and chocolate aroma, which gives you a taste of cinnamon and cardamom.


Flores might have a smaller size compared to the other Indonesian coffee regions that we mentioned above. However, the coffee flavor that this island produces is equally delicious. Many coffee plantations on this island also use the wet-hulling method.

However, the location and soil condition creates different flavor profiles. The soil is called Andosols, which is one of the perfect soil types for planting coffee. Many Flores coffee types have sweet and milk chocolate taste. You also can find a hint of floral, woody notes, and a syrupy body in a cup of this dark beverage.


Bali is not only the best tropical vacation destination in the world. This small island also is one of the best coffee producers in Indonesia. Kintamani, Batukaru, and Agung volcanoes are some of the famous names where you can find the best coffee plantation.

The coffee from Bali has a strong body. However, it is not too bitter. Moreover, it has a unique combination of note flavors, such as walnuts, chocolate, lemon, and floral. Therefore, you can enjoy the best experience with coffee beans from Bali.

Conclusion Indonesian Coffee Regions

Those are the five top coffee regions in Indonesia. They are responsible for making Indonesia become one of the largest coffee producers in the world. There is another one. It is Papua that also has unique coffee beans you should try. In short, if you want to enjoy the best coffee experience, visit and get the coffee beans from the Indonesian coffee region.

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