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Aceh Coffee Beans: A Typical Coffee with Many Varieties of Tastes

Aceh coffee beans, known also as Gayo coffee, were recently named as one of the most expensive and the highest quality coffee beans in the world. Its typical and unique taste successfully wins the hearts of so many coffee lovers in the world. Of course, there are some more reasons why Aceh coffee is very famous. So, here are things to know about Aceh coffee.

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Taste Characters of Aceh Coffee Beans

Aceh or Gayo coffee is basically almost similar to other Indonesian coffee beans but sure, some details make them different. Being included in the group of Arabica coffee, Aceh coffee tends to be not bitter as well as the acidity level is low. That’s why coffee is often mixed into various beverages. If a Café or coffee shop is your business, providing Aceh coffee is very essential.

The next characteristic of Aceh Coffee is its inconsistent taste. So, the taste of the coffee also depends on the plantation’s ground level. The temperature influences the sweetness and bitterness in the coffee beans. Mainly, if they have been processed and brewed, the differences are just tasted. Then, which one tastes better, coffee beans planted on the lower or the higher ground? Well, it depends on your personal taste.

But although the taste can be different based on the factors mentioned above, there is one thing consistent in the coffee. Many professional coffee tasters mostly find nutty and buttery tastes in Aceh coffee. For the aroma, it tends to be spicy. The coffee is also internationally lovable for its aftertaste clean characteristic.

Organic and Sustainable Plantation Method

Yes, the unique taste becomes the main reason why Aceh coffee has so many fans all around the world. But more than that, its plantation method becomes the next reason why the coffee is very special. Aceh or Gayo coffee is planted organically and sustainably. Aside from an attempt to keep the original taste of coffee, this planting method also plays a positive role in environmental sustainability in the future.

Interestingly, the organic planting method is not a new thing applied by the coffee farmers in this area. They have done it since many years ago as it is a part of their traditional planting and farming. Aceh coffee beans are planted on the ground level 1000 meters on average. It is to enable the plants to get the best soil type.

The coffee plants themselves are divided into 3 main varieties. They are Gayo 1, Gayo 2, and P88. The coffee is grouped this way based on qualities and taste differences. Those 3 types of Aceh Coffee have been acknowledged as some of the best coffee beans in the world.

Traditional Process

Not only being planted with the organic and sustainable planting method but also the coffee is processed differently from other types of coffee. The processing technique is known also as the wet process. There are some steps in the wet process; receiving, pulping, fermenting, finalizing, and preserving.

The process is indeed long and it takes time. Moreover, many farmers and the coffee industry in Aceh still use traditional methods with traditional machines instead of the more modern ones. Why do they still prefer doing the entire process traditionally? Of course, it is to maintain the typical taste of Gayo or Aceh coffee. Besides, it enables them to select well coffee beans to make sure they process only the good ones.

Although most of Aceh Coffee is still processed traditionally using the wet processing method, some farmers try the dry method. As has been mentioned above, later, the taste produced tends to be different. The dry method is considered simpler and faster as well as it has been used widely to process Arabica coffee beans.

So, the coffee beans that have been harvested are selected using a selection machine. Next, they are dried whether by manually drying under the sunlight or by using the machine. The coffee is ground and ready to be brewed before it is enjoyed as a beverage.

Closing Aceh Coffee Beans

It may sound a little bit weird as Aceh or Gayo coffee may have different tastes depending on the planting and processing method. But you should not worry, it doesn’t reduce the fact that Aceh coffee beans are one of the most delicious and high-quality coffee types in the world.

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