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Enrich Knowledge with 5 Coffee Roasting Types

5 Coffee Roasting Types – Sipping a cup of coffee has become a necessity in recent years, especially for Indonesians. It makes you feel overwhelmed when visiting a coffee shop or seeing the coffee aisle in the grocery store.

Luckily, Indonesia provides coffee lovers with multiple choices of coffee beans. Additionally, it makes the people have many types of roasts. Here is the following explanation about roasting types of Indonesian coffee.

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5 Coffee Roasting Types

White Roast Coffee

White roast coffee is commonly found in Indonesia, especially Java. To get this white coffee, we should roast the beans very lightly. If we look at the beans closely, they are harder than others. They contain a higher caffeine content. Compared to the darker roast beans, this one has more caffeine.

However, white roast coffee is not similar to white coffee. The name is then popular with Indonesian White Coffee or Flat White Coffee. Although Indonesia also has White Coffee, this product is different from the white roast coffee beans. White Coffee does not contain white roast coffee beans at all.

Light Roast Coffee

This type of roast is another option for coffee lovers. This roast is ideal for you who prefer light coffee. This one is less strong than other roasts.

It takes the least time to get the light roasts. As the name suggests, the beans are roasted lightly. The beans do not have the oils due to the roasting method applied.

The longer they are roasted, it will result in the more heat that pulls out. So, the caffeine and the acidity are more because of the process. From a brief explanation above, we know that the roasting process for Light Roast Coffee Beans is shorter. It brings a different taste to the coffee.

The short roasting process can prevent the chemical changes that may occur from the bean. With this roasting process, we offer coffee with original flavors. The taste is more recognizable and memorable.

Medium Roast Coffee

This roast offers you medium brown coffee beans. The process brings balance to acidity. Additionally, you can taste the flavor and aroma of your cup.

We offer some products with a medium roast. This method lets you taste the coffee having a richer consistency. If you taste it, compare it with the light roast one.

Similar to the light roasted, the beans do not have an oily surface. Once you see the beans, they are darker roasts.

Tasting a medium roast makes you compare it with nutty or chocolaty flavors. The beans have a great taste. So, you can brew in various ways. Choosing a medium roast can make you extract the coffee faster. You have to compare it with light roast beans. So, medium grind enables you to process over-extraction.

Medium-Dark Roast Coffee

Another roasting method that we apply to our product is medium-dark roast. This process helps to take out the flavor of the coffee beans. Besides, this method offers you beans that are bold and rich in flavor.

The taste is also amazing. You can experience it with a slight and bittersweet taste. We apply this roasting method to some coffee beans. We offer a bittersweet dark chocolate taste or dark roasted almonds of the coffee beans. That is why this one is the most hunted for coffee lovers.

If you see the beans, it has a darker color. The process tells us that it takes longer to roast. Because of that, the beans result in a semi-oily surface.
Additionally, the acidity is less. Meanwhile, the consistency is thicker and brings a deeper aroma.

Dark Roast Coffee

This roasting type is the most commonly found in coffee shops. More people like to enjoy these dark coffee roast beans. That is why we provide some products with dark roast to satisfy our customers.

These beans take the longest time to roast. So, it comes in dark chocolate or black color. Additionally, we can see the oily surface of the beans.
Brewing these beans gives you bitter tastes. The taste is strong but flavoury inside the mouth. Pick these roasting beans to complete your coffee collection.

Most coffee lovers prefer this dark roast. Furthermore, it is also a favorite in Indonesia. It features extra boldness in the body and has a heavy mouthfeel taste.

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