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Liberica Rangsang Meranti, a Typical Riau Coffee Beans with a Unique

Typical Riau coffee beans are also known as Liberica Rangsang Meranti. It is called this way referring to the coffee plantation area and technique. The coffee beans are originally from Rangsang Barat district, Riau Province, Sumatra, Indonesia. Besides, this type of coffee can grow on any type of ground including the peat area.

If other coffee types are at their best when being planted in the high ground level, Liberica Rangsang Meranti is not like that. You can even plant it at the height of a meter above sea level. Currently, the coffee plantation is around 20,000 hectares and it is managed by a group of coffee farmers. Every year, this type of Liberica coffee is harvested up to 90 tons.

Sure, there are still obstacles faced by farmers no matter how easy the coffee is to grow. First, there are weeds all around that are considered pests. Yes, weeds can absorb nutrition from the soil and fertilizer that should be for the coffee. Second, as the coffee can grow on the lowland, the plantation tends to be near to the coastal area. This way, the tide may cause trouble when the coffee plants start to grow up.

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The Taste of Liberica Rangsang Meranti Coffee

Being one of the best coffees in the world means that Liberica Rangsang Meranti has great taste also. The taste of this type of Liberica coffee beans is also considered unique and it has been certified. So, are you interested to know more about coffee? Here are the details.

First, the smell is unique since it doesn’t produce a general coffee smell just like the others. The smell tends to be like gentle chocolate. Particularly when it is still in the form of beans, the chocolate smell is really good and refreshing.

Second, the flavor should also not be questioned anymore. It is likely a combination of chocolate and jackfruit. Originally, it tasted sweet so some coffee lovers may not need to add sugar to it. It is almost no bitterness at all.

Third, different from other coffee types with a high acidity level, the acidity level of the typical Riau coffee is very low. The range is from 0.9% to 1% only. It is said to be unique since the peat area where the coffee is planted tends to have a high acidity level. Therefore, if you have a gastric problem, don’t worry about drinking Rangsang Meranti Coffee. Meanwhile, coffee is also quite recommended for you who avoid caffeine. The caffeine level is medium and it is still considered very safe to be consumed.

Fourth, this Indonesian Liberica coffee is named as one of the full-body coffee types. What does it mean? It has a dense thickness. If you love thick coffee, Rangsang Meranti is a very good choice. It was observed that the thickness is caused by the type of the coffee beans themselves. The bean size is bigger than other Liberica coffee as well as other coffee bean varieties like Arabica or Robusta.

Lastly, a very important thing that wants to be enjoyed by coffee lovers is the aftertaste. Liberica Rangsang Meranti Coffee is included in the group of clean coffee. After being brewed and tasted, it leaves the sensation of sweetness that is dominated by the jackfruit flavor.

Farming Technique Influences the Coffee Taste

It is very important to know that the typical taste of this coffee is also influenced by the farming technique aside from the seeds. The farmers commonly solidify the peat land first and it is followed by re-cleaning and making holes where the seeds will be planted.

Besides, they also pay attention to the fertilizing methods. They cannot fertilize the land anytime as it is only done 4 times a year, cannot be more than that. They also maintain the harvest quality by only using organic fertilizers. In the past, farmers process Rangsang Meranti Coffee traditionally. Starting from the beans to the ready-to-drink coffee. But now, to ease and fasten the production process they use a coffee machine.

For the uniqueness and quality of Rangsang Meranti Coffee, it is reasonable if the price tends to be more expensive. Make sure to buy the best Riau coffee beans here to get the original ones. Then, enjoy it.

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