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Java Preanger Coffee: A Typical West Java Coffee with Memorable History and Excellent Taste

Indonesia is one of the biggest coffee producers in the world. Even every area in this country has its own typical coffee. One of them is Java Preanger Coffee, a typical coffee from the area of West Java. Java Preanger coffee was once the most important coffee from Indonesia mainly during the Dutch colonization.

Until now, this type of coffee is still highly demanded by coffee lovers. Still, it is also considered one of the best coffee in the world. Do you want to know more about this coffee? Here are all the things to know about it.

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The History of Java Preanger Coffee

It is not exaggerating to say that Java Preanger is the most historical coffee in Indonesia. Talking about the history of coffee, you must fly back to the 17th century when the forced planting system was conducted by the Dutch government to local people. West Java was better known as the area of Sunda or Priangan at that time. The name Preanger itself refers to the way how Dutch people called the term Priangan.

The Dutch government saw a big potential of the Priangan land at that time. They decided to build and develop a coffee plantation in the area. Later, the harvest would be exported and sold to Netherland and other countries in Europe. There were many trials and errors as not all the coffee seeds could be planted on the land. One of the seeds that failed to plant was Arabica coffee.

After the first success in Batavia, the old name of Jakarta, the Dutch government forced local people to plant in the Priangan area. Fortunately, it was also successful. Not only in Priangan, but the Dutch government was later also spreading the coffee seeds to many other spots on Java Island. The first coffee export from Java to Europe was managed by the Dutch trade organization, known as VOC.

VOC monopolized the coffee trade at the beginning of the 18th century. Besides, they also made an agreement that required local people to plant coffee and the harvest was given to them. From that time, Java coffee was really famous in the western world. Particularly Java coffee planted in the West Java, they called it Java Preanger coffee beans. In the 19th century, Java Preanger has named the best coffee in the world.

The Plantation System

Until now, local people still inherit Java Preanger and they try to develop themselves. This way, although many new coffee varieties are discovered and this West Java coffee is no longer in the first rank, the demands are still very high. Yes, Java Preanger is still lovable inside and outside Indonesia.

The Java Preanger coffee variety cannot be planted on any type of land randomly. It works only on the highland of around 1000 meters above sea level. It is because the coffee is a variant of Arabica coffee and this is how Arabica coffee should be planted. The farmers also only use organic fertilizers to realize environmentally friendly and sustainable farming and plantation.

The plantation areas are spreading to some zones in West Java. They include the slopes of Mount Cikuray, Mount Papandayan, Mount Caringin, Mount Tilu, Mount Tangkuban Perahu, and still more. After the coffee beans are harvested, farmers mostly still process them manually to keep the taste and aroma.

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Taste and Aroma

Arabica Java Preanger coffee is special for many reasons. Apart from its history, the coffee is famous because of its great taste and aroma. When being brewed, the aroma to smell is a combination of Blueberry and Jasmine. For the sweet aftertaste, there are vanilla, lychee, Caramel, and Apricot.

The acidity level is quite high so if you have a gastric problem, make sure to be careful. But don’t worry, the coffee is delicious and combines with other varieties with a lower acidity level. If you taste it well, the acidity tastes like fruity lime. The coffee itself is full-body, meaning it has a dense thickness. Other flavors you may taste when enjoying the coffee are nut, cherry, dark chocolate, vanilla, and honey.

If you prefer light and smooth coffee, Java Preanger from West Java is highly recommended. Sure, it is a good ingredient for other beverages such as coffee milk. So, are you interested to taste Java Preanger coffee?

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