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4 Most Popular Coffee in Indonesia You Should Taste At Least Once in Your Life

4 Most Popular Coffee in Indonesia You Should Taste At Least Once in Your Lifetime

What is the most popular coffee in Indonesia? Many of us might think about Luwak Coffee. Indeed, this coffee beverage is one of the delicious coffees you can find in Indonesia. However, thanks to various Indonesian coffee beans and different cultures in this country, there are many other coffees that you can enjoy. Here we have collected four popular coffee beverages that Indonesian like.

Luwak Coffee

Yes, this one is one of the popular coffees in Indonesia. All Indonesian coffee lovers have at least once in their lifetime tasted this coffee. Thanks to its complicated method to harvest and acquire coffee beans, this coffee also became one of the most expensive coffees in the world. And, its price also is equal to its taste. It has a smoother and less bitter taste than other coffee.

Moreover, the softer texture also is easy to enjoy, even for beginner coffee lovers. Plus, with a correct grinding coffee beans method, you can even make the taste of this coffee expand. Thus, you will enjoy something that you have never imagined before.

Khop Coffee

Another popular coffee that you can find only in Indonesia is Khop Coffee. Rather than its taste, one of the things that make it popular and loved by many people is the serving method. After you brew the coffee in a glass, you serve it by putting the glass upside down on a plate. The air pressure from outside prevents the coffee inside the glass from spilling out.

How to drink this unique character Coffee? You use a straw to blow the air inside the glass. It will create different air pressure inside that pushes the coffee liquid out of the glass and enters the plate. Then, you can enjoy it on the plate. To enjoy this coffee, you can visit the coastal areas in Aceh. However, you also can find this kind of coffee in all areas in Indonesia.

Joss Coffee

We can call it the most unique Coffee In Indonesia. Why? You can see it from how it is served. It uses a similar brewing process to other coffee. However, after you brew it and mix the coffee with hot water, you put the burning charcoal inside the glass. It creates bubbling coffee, similar to boiling water. You won’t find this kind of amazing view on other coffee beverages.

The burning charcoal is not only for appearance. The charcoal also changes the taste and substance inside the coffee. It neutralizes the acidity of the coffee. Thus, the taste becomes lighter and creates a subtle caramel flavor. Many Indonesians also believe that this coffee is good for health, especially for your gastric. Therefore, you should try this coffee whenever you have a chance to visit Indonesia and explore its coffee collection.

Tubruk Coffee (Kopi Tubruk)

However, if we have to mention the most Popular Coffee In Indonesia, the answer is Tubruk coffee. Why is this coffee so popular? Compared to Luwak, Joss, or Khop coffee, Tubruk coffee is easier to acquire and make. Moreover, it is also much cheaper. Therefore, anyone can make it whenever they want. It uses simple preparation. Put the ground coffee in a glass, pour boiling water, and then stir it with a spoon. You can add sugar along with ground coffee if you don’t like bitter coffee.


Those are several popular coffee beverages in Indonesia. Now, you only need to get the Indonesia Coffee Beans to make any of those coffees. For that reason, you can visit Coffee Arks. They have all kinds of coffee beans with the best price and high quality. Get it now and enjoy your coffee.


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