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8 Indonesian Coffee Beans Types that Define the Indonesian Coffee

8 Indonesian Coffee Beans Types that Define the Indonesian Coffee
8 Indonesian Coffee Beans Types that Define the Indonesian Coffee

What kind of Indonesian coffee beans do you like? It looks like a simple question, but it could be difficult to answer. There are too many types of Indonesian coffee beans you can find today. However, we have a list and guide Indonesia coffee beans that you can use below. We hope you can use it as a reference and learn more about the type of coffee beans you can find in Indonesia. Let’s start!

Arabica Beans

Indonesia is the biggest producer of Arabica coffee. The environment of the coffee plantation in Indonesia is a perfect choice for planting Arabica beans. Mostly, it consists of highland, which makes this type of coffee bean grow easily. Therefore, many Indonesian coffee beans use this type of beans.

Luwak Coffee Beans

It is known as the most expensive Indonesia Coffee Beans. This civet coffee can be said to be the most popular Indonesian coffee bean. Its name has been known all over the world. It also has a delicious taste with a light, soft, and earthy flavor. You can enjoy it at many coffee shops. Just make sure you choose the right place to get original Luwak coffee.

Robusta Beans

Other than Arabica, one of the coffee bean types that have been cultivated a lot in Indonesia is the Robusta type. It is easy to plant. Because of that, 80% of coffee plantations in Indonesia plant Robusta beans more than Arabica today. More importantly, many people love its taste. The bitterness gives an extra kick, which Indonesians like.

Columbian Coffee Beans

These coffee beans came to Indonesia in the 1800s. And, thanks to the perfect environment in Indonesia, it grows healthily. It has also become one of the commodities in the coffee market in Indonesia. That’s also the reason why we put it in the list of types of coffee beans in Indonesia.

Liberica Coffee Beans

Even though it is quite rare to find the Liberica coffee plantation, this is one of the Indonesian coffee beans types that is sold freely in this country. This coffee bean can grow in a different type of environment, even in low lands.

Excelsea Beans

The other Type Indonesia Coffee beans you also can try are the Excelsea beans. You can find it in various places because it also can live in low altitude plantations. In Indonesia, some areas that are famous for Excelsa coffee plantations are the West Tanjung Jabung in Jambi. They have coffee berries with soft skin; therefore it is easy to peel. That is also the reason why this coffee bean is perfect for the coffee processing method in Indonesia, which is the wet ground method.

Gayo Coffee Beans

You can find this coffee bean plantation in Gayo highland, Central Aceh. It is one of the Arabica coffee types. However, among similar coffee beans in the Arabica category, Gayo coffee beans have a unique taste, in which you taste almost no bitterness from it.

Toraja Coffee Beans

This type of coffee bean maybe can be said as one of the popular grinding coffee beans in Indonesia. Moreover, there are two types of Toraja coffee beans, which are Arabica and Robusta. Both of them have a similar sour hint.


There are many other Indonesia coffee beans types you can find today. However, the coffee that we mentioned above is the most unique of all. Now, if you are interested in trying the taste of one of them, you only need to find a reliable Indonesian coffee beans supplier. For that reason, we recommend Coffee Arks for you. They have various types of coffee beans and are available at the best prices. Visit the Coffee Arks website and get the Indonesian coffee beans that you like.

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