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Ultimate Guide: Find the Best Supplier for Indonesian Coffee Beans

Ultimate Guide to Find the Best Supplier for Indonesian Coffee Beans
Ultimate Guide to Find the Best Supplier for Indonesian Coffee Beans

As a country with a strong coffee culture, Indonesia has many different types of coffee beans. You should at least try one of them if you are a coffee lover. To get the Indonesia Coffee Beans that you need you should find the supplier. It could be a very difficult task for you. However, you don’t need to worry. Here, we have a simple guide on how to find the best supplier for Indonesian coffee beans that you want.

The Type of Coffee Beans It Sold

As we mentioned above, Indonesia has various types of coffee beans. Therefore, the first thing you should do to find the best supplier is look at their collection of Indonesia coffee beans types. At least, that supplier must provide seven types of coffee beans. Here they are:

  • Sumatra coffee beans – this product has an intense and earthy flavor,
  • Java coffee beans – it has a lasting finish and heavy body flavor,
  • Bali coffee beans – you can try it for sweeter type coffee beans,
  • Sulawesi coffee beans – its warm spices notes are the trademark of this coffee bean,
  • Flores coffee beans – you need to try its chocolate and tobacco notes,
  • Papua coffee beans – it has an earthy and spicy finish,
  • Luwak coffee beans – the most expensive and said to be the most delicious coffee in the world.

There are more coffee beans types that you also can find. But, if you can find the supplier with those types, especially Luwak Coffee, that is a good sign. You can choose that supplier as one of the places where you can buy the Indonesian coffee beans that you need. Moreover, you also can find other types. So, make sure you learn more about the coffee beans that you want to buy before you start searching for the supplier.

Detailed Product Information

You also should look for the product information on that supplier store. Make sure they provide detailed information about each coffee bean you can find there. For example, if you are looking for Green Coffee, find one that has information about the grade, moisture level/percentage, screen size, origin, polish condition, and, more importantly, defect ratio. Why is the defect ratio important?

You can’t expect each of the coffee beans in a package to be perfect. There are many of them in one package; therefore there is also a bond to be the bad beans in it. It could be only one or two beans. But, a supplier that shows the information about the ratio of that defect means they are honest. They didn’t try to cover it, which can be considered a scam if they did that.

The defect information like this is essential, especially for the most expensive coffee product, like Luwak coffee. That way you know that the money you spend on that product is worth the value of the product. You also don’t feel like being scammed when you accidentally find the bad beans in the package. Therefore, rather than choosing the supplier that shows they have the perfect product, we recommend this one. It is safer. Moreover, you can feel more comfortable buying the product from them.


The next thing you should also consider is the certificate that the supplier has. There are many types of certification that you need to look for from the indonesia coffee supplier. However, the easiest and the standard certification that can show a good supplier are ISO 9001, ISO 22000, or HACCAP. Those are good signs that you can use to decide the best supplier you can count on. Of course, it would be much better, if the supplier also has more certification. That means their service has been acknowledged and proved to be able to provide the best one for its customers.

The Processing 

A good Indonesian coffee beans supplier also should have a complete processing service for its product. It means they handle all processes from the beginning until the product is ready to sell. A good supplier will have a special team that handles the production of Coffee Bean Supply. It is related to the plantation, harvest, and similar stuff that you need to get the coffee berries into a bean that is ready to sell and consume. It shows that the supplier has the experience and knows which beans match what they offer to you.

It also is much better, if they also handle the transportation from the plantation or processing center to their storage area. That means they have strong and complete support for their business. It shows knowledge about this industry. The supplier with that characteristic tends to have better service for their customer. Their product is also much better and available in high quality.

Then, if they are also dealing with the packaging, that is a good sign. You get everything that you need in one place. The prices for coffee beans products will be much lower than other suppliers. So, you also can use this point to find a Cheap Indonesia coffee beans supplier.

Coffee Consultation

Last but not least, find the supplier with a consultation service. It is useful for you who plan to start a coffee-related business, like a coffee shop or restaurant. A consultation service like this will help you to know more about the Popular Coffee In Indonesia and the best coffee bean type that matches your business.

It would be even better if they can assist you in training, create the SOP for brewing the coffee in your business later, and help your marketing. Once you find that kind of supplier, you are ready to buy the Indonesian coffee beans that you need.


At this point, we believe you know what you should do and look for to find and get the best supplier for Indonesian coffee beans. But, if you still have a problem, you can always visit Coffee Arks. They are one of the best suppliers you can find today with the best Indonesia coffee beans price. Visit their website and order the coffee beans that you like.

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