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What you should know about coffee beans Indonesia?

What you should know about coffee beans Indonesia?

Learn More about Indonesian Coffee Beans – the Most Delicious Beans in The World

Coffee In Indonesia is an inseparable part of the local’s culture. Drinking a cup of coffee is something that Indonesians can’t leave. The warmth and delicious taste are not only the things that Indonesians enjoy from this beverage. Coffee is also like a tool that connects people from many tribes and areas in Indonesia. It is a beverage that unifies.

Therefore, if you also want to enjoy Indonesian coffee, first of all, learn about Indonesian coffee beans first. Here, we have a brief explanation that, hopefully, can help you understand more about these delicious beans from Indonesia.

The First Arrival

The Indonesia Coffee Beans originally came from outside the country. In the late 1600s, the Dutch that invaded Indonesia brought in coffee seeds from Yemen. Then, they started the first coffee plantation in Batavia (the old name of Jakarta), Java. They succeeded and by 1711, the Dutch colonial government starts to export coffee to other countries. Java also became one of the biggest coffee producers in the world.

Because of that result, the coffee plantation started to appear on other islands in Indonesia. Sumatra, Sulawesi, Bali, and then Timor, also Papua become the well-known indonesia coffee supplier. The coffee beans from every area also have different characteristics, which makes the Indonesian coffee beans have one of the wide diversity than other countries’ coffee beans.

One of the unique things about Indonesian coffee beans is how it affects the area development in this country. The infrastructure, like roads, was built to ensure the coffee beans trading could be conducted between cities and islands. It also helps locals to get a job and improve their quality of life.

How Is It Processed?

Many coffee bean producers in Indonesia still use the old processing method that has been used since a very long time ago. The processing method here is called the ‘Giling Basah’ method or the wet grounded method. This processing method creates a unique character Coffee for Indonesia coffee beans.

This method starts the processing step by peeling the coffee berries. And, most of the processing place uses the manual method for this step, which is by hand. This step takes the beans out of the coffee berries. After that, the peeled coffee berries will be dried under the sun. Depending on the weather, it could take several days.

The peeled coffee berries then are processed by using the hulling machine. At this moment, the coffee beans are in semi-dried condition (30-50% moisture). After that, the beans will be dried again under the sunlight for several days. This method creates a unique taste of coffee beans that you can’t find on coffee beans from other countries.

The Taste of Indonesia Coffee Beans

Indonesia consists of thousands of islands with different types of soil. Moreover, you also can find hundreds of volcanoes in Indonesia, which also affect the soil condition. Therefore, each area has a different taste of coffee beans.

For example, Sumatra has a heavy body and forestry flavor beans. Sulawesi coffee beans have a hint of fruit and a buttery taste. Java beans have a rich, spicy, and earthy flavor. Enjoying all Indonesian coffee beans requires a guide Indonesia coffee beans. Without it, you might miss and never know the unique taste of Indonesian coffee that you can’t find elsewhere.


As you can see, there are many unique things that you can find and enjoy from Indonesian coffee beans. Now, you only need to find out the best supplier with the best Indonesia coffee beans price. For that reason, you can go to Coffee Arks. They have various types of original Indonesian coffee beans. All of them are delicious and guaranteed to be satisfying. Call them now!

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