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6 Best Arabica Indonesian Coffee Beans to Try


You can find Indonesian coffee beans in an easy way. Indonesia is not only famous for its Luwak coffee.

It is the most expensive coffee bean to come from Indonesia. The price is so high because the taste and the process of making the coffee bean are unique. Indonesia is also famous for its Arabica coffee beans.

This coffee bean is considered a better quality coffee bean than other coffee bean types. This type of coffee bean is usually sold at a high price. Arabica coffee can grow optimally when it is planted at a height of 900–2500 above the sea. There are some varieties of Arabica coffee, such as Gayo Coffee. You can still find some other Indonesian coffee beans information here.

Coffee from Toraja Sulawesi

Coffee from the Tana Toraja areas in South Sulawesi is also well-known for its taste. This coffee has the same flavor like chocolate, tobacco, or caramel.

The acidity and body are medium, making it perfect for anyone who does not enjoy things that are too acidic or bitter. When you first try it, you will be surprised.

Your tongue will experience a bitter taste that will fade quickly, leaving no bitter imprints on the tongue. This flavor is popular among coffee drinkers in Indonesia and around the world.

Toraja coffee is uneven in form and size, and it is dark brown. This shape makes Toraja coffee simple to identify. Even when you first open the package, it has a pleasant and distinct aroma. This coffee has a fruity scent and a bitter taste when drunk.

The acidity level is also low enough to serve as an idol for people who suffer from stomach acid issues. One reason is that it is grown in hilly places with altitudes ranging from 1400 to 2100 masl, specifically in the Sasean Mountains. Growing in volcanic soil, coffee trees in this location are cultivated alongside other spices, so it’s no surprise that Toraja coffee has a distinct aroma.

Coffee from Sumatra Gayo

Gayo Sumatra Coffee is a variety of Arabica coffee that is well-known throughout the world. Sumatra Gayo coffee has the most distinct flavor and is preferred over Arabica coffee grown elsewhere in Indonesia.

Coffee from Gayo offers a delicious and different aroma, a lower acidity, and a solid bitterness. Aceh’s usual coffee is thick, or what is known as a “full-body,” when viewed from the body.

This coffee is Arabica in origin. Gayo, Central Aceh plantations are located between 1,200 and 1,600 meters above sea level.

Preanger, Java Coffee

Although this Arabica coffee is grown on a low plateau, the precise and regulated post-harvest procedure produces one of the greatest results.

When you look at farmers in their gardens after harvest, you will notice that the process is quite well organized, resulting in a better and more diverse taste. “There is a natural process, from semi-wash to full-wash,”

The flavor of Malabar Arabica coffee is somewhat sour. However, some people have a very strong sour taste. The aroma and flavor of Java Plunger coffee define its character.

The smell that distinguishes it is the fragrance of flowers. Allow the drinker to experience body relaxation by inhaling the aroma. Sweetness can also be found in his coffee. It is not recommended to add sugar if you want to be more specific in tasting the natural flavor. You will be able to enjoy the natural flavor this way.

Coffee from Sumatra Mandheling

Mandailing Coffee is a variety of coffee imported to Indonesia by the Dutch in 1699 and grown in Sumatra, most specifically in Mandailing Natal, Pakatan Regency, North Sumatra.

This coffee has been very famous around the globe since 1878 and has a very strong taste and scent. It is exclusively planted in the Mandailing plains, making it very special.

Mandailing coffee is recognized for its robust taste with low acidity, floral aromas, and sweet aftertaste. Because the body is full, the texture is thick.

People who appreciate coffee but have a sensitive stomach enjoy a blend of sweet and acidic tastes that is not too strong. It has a distinctive aroma with a fruit sensation and an aftertaste that is extremely delicious and lasts a long time, which is very uncommon in other types of Indonesian coffee.

This coffee is always suitable as a basic ingredient in a variety of world-favorite coffee recipes, such as Espresso, Americano, Coffee Latte, Cappuccino, and others, due to its powerful flavor character. So it’s only natural that this coffee has always piqued the interest of some coffee enthusiasts, not just in Indonesia, but around the world. You can buy authentic coffee at a coffee supplier.

Kintamani Coffee from Bali

Aside from the allure of travel, which is well known around the world, Bali also has a hidden diamond that is the world’s top coffee grower.

In the Kintamani region, Bali coffee possesses properties that are distinct from other Indonesian coffees. The taste of acidity was combined with the flavor of citrus fruits.

This is caused by a coffee bean growing technique that includes a range of vegetables, sometimes known as intercropping systems. Yields differ because they yield larger green beans than the Arabica cultivated in other places.

Kintamani’s distinct Balinese coffee flavor signature is a fresh and tart taste similar to citrus fruits, with no aftertaste. The body is medium, and the aroma is strong and sweet. There is no spice flavor, as there is in most Indonesian coffees. This coffee is ideal for folks who dislike bitter flavors.

Flores Bajawa coffee.

Bajawa is the capital of Flores’s Ngada district in East Nusa Tenggara. The Bajawa region is located in the highlands, 1,700 meters above sea level.

The enchantment of Flores’ natural splendor at the foot of Mount Inerie is what is employed to grow Bajawa Flores coffee. Coffee blooms in Flores as a result of volcanic ash. This region is well-known for its coffee farms.

In terms of flavor, Bajawa coffee has a nutty, orange, and caramel flavor profile. The aroma will be very strong to reduce the sense of smell, especially if brewed with hot water in fresh conditions.

Why is Arabica coffee from Indonesia the best in the world?

Arabica coffee from Indonesia is regarded to have a genuine taste; in addition to marketing distribution, this variety of coffee has long been popular in the global market. It’s no surprise that the archipelago’s Arabica coffee is regarded as the best arabica coffee in the world.

This is not a one-sided claim; it has been demonstrated by numerous awards organized by respected international institutions, as well as proud achievements in numerous international coffee exhibitions.

Sumatran Arabica, Toraja Arabica, West Java Arabica, Bali Arabica, and Flores Arabica are the five most common types of Arabica coffee from Indonesia.

Arabica Coffees Unique Facts

Do you have a better understanding of the largest arabica coffee in the world? Here are some interesting facts about Arabica coffee that you may not be aware of, and this information will undoubtedly help you:

  • This coffee is not grown anywhere.
  • This coffee was famous for a long time.
  • This coffee is a priority in the coffee industry.

There are some other unique facts about this coffee bean. Arabica coffee is the first choice that you must try when you visit Indonesia. For further information about other Indonesian coffee beans, you can visit

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