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6 Facts about Kopi Luwak the Most Expensive Indonesian Coffee Beans

If you are a fan of Indonesian coffee beans, you definitely have heard about Luwak coffee. Luwak coffee is popular because of its unique processing method. But it has become people’s favorite because of its rich taste and aroma.

Luwak coffee is really one of a kind. This is a coffee that you should taste if you visit Indonesia. Let’s find out more about this unique coffee, and why you can’t call yourself a coffee lover before tasting it.

1. The Name

The name of this coffee derives from Luwak, a cat-like animal that consumes and digest the coffee beans used to make this heavenly beverage. So, unlike the other types of coffee, the name doesn’t come from the coffee beans.

The coffee beans consumed by the Luwak are actually Robusta or Arabica. But Luwak coffee is said to have a richer and more delicate taste than Robusta or Arabica coffee because the beans have undergone a fermentation process inside the digestive system of the Luwak.

2. The Price

Luwak coffee is the most expensive Indonesian coffee beans. In fact, it is one of the most expensive types of coffee in the whole world.

It costs around $600 per kg and around $50 to $100 per cup. Even though it is ten times more expensive than the average price of coffee per cup, once you taste it, you certainly will understand why this coffee is so pricey.

Besides the taste, Luwak coffee is expensive because it takes a long time and thorough steps to process it. A Luwak can only consume and digest a small number of coffee beans so the main ingredients for this delicious coffee is also pretty rare.

There are many irresponsible people selling fake Luwak coffee. So, it is important to choose a reputable coffee supplier.

3. The Hygiene

Being called ‘cat poop’ coffee, many people hesitate to give this delicious coffee a try. Consuming something that has gone through an animal’s digestive system seems like a disgusting thing to do.

But you really should not worry about that because Luwak coffee’s makers definitely put hygiene as its priority.

There is an interesting fact about Luwak that every coffee enthusiast should know. Luwak has a very simple digestive system. As a result, the coffee beans it consumed will not be damaged and still look intact.

Moreover, the digested coffee beans will be thoroughly processed and sanitized before they are sold, just like the other regular coffee beans. When the coffee arrives at your table, it is clean, hygienic, and most importantly, delicious.

4. Authentic Coffee from Indonesia

If you love Indonesian coffee beans, you certainly have tasted Bali coffee or Gayo coffee. Just like the two coffees mentioned earlier, Luwak coffee is also an authentic Indonesian coffee.

Luwak coffee is produced in several parts of Indonesia, such as Aceh, North Sumatra, West Java and East Java. Recently, some countries in the South East Asia region also have produced their own Luwak coffee.

However, since the type of coffee beans consumed by the Luwak is different, the taste of Indonesian coffee Luwak is different with the other Luwak coffee produced in the other countries.

5. The Taste and Aroma

It is the taste and aroma that makes Luwak coffee so popular. So, where do the taste and aroma come from?

First of all, Luwak has an amazing sense of smell. Thanks to its nose, Luwak can choose the best coffee beans, and this picky eater surely only wants to eat the best.

Luwak’s digestive system is very simple. Furthermore, it is unable to digest hard materials, like coffee beans. As a result, the coffee beans found on their poop are still in a perfect condition.

The coffee beans undergo a fermentation process when they are inside the Luwak’s digestive system. The fermentation system is said to be the factor that contributes to the rich taste and excellent aroma of the coffee. Authentic Luwak coffee tastes almost like dark chocolate, but without the bitterness.

6. The Health Benefits

If you love drinking Luwak coffee, you are lucky because studies revealed that this coffee has plenty of health benefits for humans. This is not something you can get from another type of coffee.

Thanks to the fermentation process and enzymes contained in the animal’s digestive system, Luwak coffee has lower acidity. It means Luwak coffee is good for people with digestive problems who cannot stand drinking too much coffee.

Moreover, this coffee also contains high antibacterial properties which reduces staining. If you are afraid drinking coffee will stain your beautiful white teeth, maybe you should try drinking Luwak coffee instead.

People have different tastes when it comes to coffee. But Luwak coffee is a beverage that is loved by almost everyone. So, make sure to try it and enrich your experience with the best Indonesian coffee beans.

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