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Try the one-of-a-kind flavor of Gayo Coffee, the authentic Indonesian coffee.

Luwak coffee is one of the famous coffee types from Indonesia. It is not the only delicious coffee type that you must try when you come to Indonesia.

For those who come to Indonesia, it is good for you to try one of the best Arabica coffee types called Gayo Arabica Coffee. This coffee comes from Gayo Highland Area or Central Aceh Regency. Before you try this coffee, it is good to read some fun facts about coffee.


Coffee originated in Africa before being traded and farmed on a large scale by Europeans in the nineteenth century. The Dutch brought coffee to Java in the 17th century to be cultivated in a variety of locations and highlands; the Dutch planted the first coffee plantations in Tanah Gayo in 1904.
Farmers began abandoning the formerly dominating agriculture, which primarily consisted of pepper and tea, as a result of their success in generating a superior commodity. Kopi Aceh Gayo was eventually sold to Dutch colonists in Indonesia, with just a small amount sent to Europe.

Aceh Gayo Kopi Taste

Gayo coffee is popular both locally and internationally, particularly in the United States and Europe, because of its flavorful yet clean taste. Its particular flavor is achieved through the popular processing method called “Giling Basah,” also known as wet hull. This produces a powerful flavor and enhances its sweetness with a tinge of spice that distinguishes it.
Because of the varying heights of the coffee farms in the Gayo Highlands, the taste of Aceh Gayo will vary. Individuals handle the plantations in this area, and some plantations use shade-grown agricultural methods.

Reasons to Buy Gayo Coffee

Kopi Aceh Gayo is grown organically, which promotes long-term environmental sustainability.
Not only that, but the geographical advantage is one of the reasons why Kopi Aceh Gayo is well-known worldwide. Climate and soil type are important factors to consider while planting coffee trees.
Kopi Gayo is grown at a high elevation of 1000 meters above sea level, where the soil type is ideal.
Another issue to consider, in addition to planting material and organic planting methods, is processing procedures. Farmers in Gayo use a distinct wet process that results in unique flavors.

Tips to Buy Coffee Beans from Indonesia

You can select that source as one of the venues to get the Indonesian coffee beans that you require. There are several additional varieties available. So, when you start looking for a source, make sure you study more about the coffee beans you intend to buy.

  • Specific product information
    You should also seek product information at that supplier’s store. You need to be certain that they provide extensive information on each coffee bean available.
  • Certification
    The following factor to examine is the supplier’s certification. There are numerous forms of certification types that you should seek from your Indonesian coffee provider. However, the simplest and most common certification types that can indicate a good provider are ISO 9001, ISO 22000, or HACCAP.
  • The process to make
    An expert Indonesian coffee supplier should also provide a full processing service for its product. That is, they handle all operations from start to finish till the product is ready for sale. A good supplier will have adedicated team for coffee bean supply production.

When you think about the three things above, you can get the best supplier for all the coffee beans you like to try. Are you interested in trying Gayo Aceh Coffee or maybe a Bali Coffee? There are some other unique facts about different types of coffee beans. If you are a coffee lover, you will love to learn all about coffee facts, especially from Indonesia. You can visit to read more about other coffee types that are unique to Indonesia.

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