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The Most Expensive Coffee Beans in the World.

As coffee lovers, have you ever wondered what are the most expensive coffee beans in the world? Well, here’s the good news: one of them grows in Indonesia. Yes, our country is home to one of the highest-priced coffees ever sold. Here is the updated list of the 3 most expensive coffee worldwide:

  1.   Ospina Dynasty Coffee – US$3,160 per kilogram

Ospina Coffee is an old-fashioned Colombian coffee enterprise. It was established in 1835 by the founder Don Mariano Ospina Rodriguez, who was then recognized for making Colombian one of the world’s largest coffee capitals. Cultivated over five generations, Ospina Dynasty coffee is produced from Arabica Typica beans, which are grown in the rainforests of the Andes in shady conditions. These mountain slopes are rich in volcanic ash, which fertilize the soil and enhance the warm, nutty flavor of this Colombian coffee. Ospina Dynasty Coffee is extremely exclusive due to the process it takes to make it. All the beans are handpicked, washed, fermented, sun dried, and stored in oak barrels for six months. As for the taste, it’s got flavors like chestnut, caramel, and chocolate with a sweet wine aftertaste.

most expensive coffee bean in the world

  1.   Black Ivory Coffee – US$2,500 per kilogram

You won’t believe it, but you just have to because it is as real as it gets. Black Ivory Coffee is produced in a remote province in northern Thailand, and it is made out of elephant poop. To be exact, it is made by feeding elephants with Arabica coffee beans. The beans pass through their digestive systems and come out the other side, as elephant poop. Then they’re handpicked, washed, dried, and roasted. They are very expensive because only the best high-altitude Arabica cherries are selected, and most are unrecoverable during the process. Around 33 kilograms of raw cherries results in only one kilogram of the finished product. What about the taste? It is mainly determined by the digestive enzymes of the elephants, but this incredibly expensive Thai coffee is known to be very delicate and distinctive in taste.

  1.   Kopi Luwak – US$1,300 per kilogram

Yes, Kopi Luwak is one of the most expensive coffees in the world. We have heard a lot about Kopi Luwak, but only a few of us are familiar with the Luwak coffee process. This famous Indonesian coffee is produced by feeding Arabica coffee beans to civet cats. Just like Black Ivory Coffee, the beans flow through the cats’ digestive systems, becoming smoother and less bitter in taste. This tropical cat also has the ability to choose only the best coffee cherries to munch on, which means a better-quality brew. Kopi Luwak is mainly produced in Indonesia on the islands of Java, Bali, and Sumatra. Sadly, there are some controversies about the production of Kopi Luwak due to the mistreatment of the civet cats. They are often kept in small cages and may only eat coffee beans. This has caused concern because this process is considered unethical and can be classified as animal cruelty. So, what’s your take on this pricey and popular civet coffee? Will you buy Luwak coffee, or would you rather pass?

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