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Things to Avoid When Looking for Coffee Bean Supplier

Are you looking for coffee bean supplier? Well, a few things you should know before you start your search. First thing to remember is, not all coffee bean suppliers are good and reliable. That’s the hard fact. Choosing the wrong supplier could mean a real disappointment or even an unwanted financial loss. Therefore, it’s very important to find the right supplier, who can cater to your needs and provide the perfect selection of coffee beans based on your preferences. Especially if you are on a mission to find a few rare coffee beans that have piqued your curiosity. You should also be aware of these “red flags”, some things to avoid when you are looking for coffee bean supplier:

looking for coffee bean supplier


  1. Incomplete collection

When a coffee bean supplier doesn’t have a comprehensive collection of coffee beans, it’s a big question mark. Because a good coffee bean supplier should at least provide the most popular coffee beans such as Luwak Coffee, Gayo Coffee, Sulawesi Toraja Coffee, and many more. More so, if your coffee bean supplier is able to provide the real and authentic Luwak Coffee, that is a good sign, since 80% of Luwak coffee beans on the market today is fake. Thus, if a coffee bean supplier has a poor collection of coffee, then it’s time for you to steer away and keep your distance.


  1. Lack of in-depth product information

Product information is another thing you should ask every supplier. Make sure they provide detailed information about every coffee bean on their shelf. Can they provide information about the coffee bean’s grade, moisture level, screen size, polish condition, and defect ratio? If they can’t provide you with that information, then they are not a reliable business.


  1. A very little product knowledge

This is perhaps the most important thing to note when you are looking for coffee bean supplier. Do not buy coffee beans from people who have no knowledge of their coffee. Because a good coffee bean supplier should be able to tell you the character and flavor of every coffee bean they sell. Even better if they can tell you the story behind every coffee bean. It says a lot about their credibility. If they don’t have in-depth knowledge about their products, they may not be able to help you find the right coffee bean that suits your preference.


  1. No proper certification

Without proper certifications, it’s hard to determine if a coffee bean supplier is reliable or not. So, the first thing you should ask a coffee bean supplier is their certification. Many types of certifications are available, but ISO 9001, ISO 22000, or HACCAP are three general certifications that will ensure the supplier’s professionalism in this field. Having these certifications means that they are a reliable company. But without any certification, there is no guarantee for the products and services provided, even to the coffee beans in their collection, whether they are authentic and in a good quality, or not.


The 4 “red flags” above will help you determine, which coffee bean supplier is trustworthy, and which is not. So, whenever you’re looking for coffee bean supplier, try to find out about these 4 points before making any decision.  


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