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Why Luwak Coffee Price is So Expensive?

For someone who doesn’t really love coffee, buying Luwak Coffee might be the last thing in their mind. After all, who would buy coffee from animal dung? Moreover, this coffee poop turns out to be very expensive, about US$ 1,300 for each kilogram. Some people would opt for anything else but coffee. The case is rather different if you are a real coffee connoisseur. This unique coffee bean from Indonesia will certainly pique your curiosity; or, because you never miss anything coffee, you had enjoyed the wonderful taste of Luwak Coffee a few times now. But as coffee lovers yourself, have you ever wondered, what makes Luwak Coffee price that expensive?

luwak coffee price

A lot of contributing factors have affected the Luwak Coffee price. One of them is the lengthy, time-consuming process before we can sit back and enjoy a cup of Luwak Coffee. This traditional process of hunting wild civet droppings has taken so much of the farmers’ time and energy. They have to search through forests and land where five or six beans may be collected from a civet cat’s dropping. Imagine how long it takes to collect enough beans for production since there is no automated and effective method for collecting or cleaning beans. The cleansing process itself is extremely challenging, as we can imagine. The farmers have to wash the beans over and over again and dry them in the sun, to avoid foodborne diseases which are often caused by fecal contamination. To make Luwak Coffee beans safe to consume, they need to be thoroughly cleansed and roasted at extremely high temperatures. So it is safe to say that this complicated production process is one of the biggest determining factors that makes Luwak Coffee Price so expensive. Another important fact is that the civet cat actually cherry picks the beans to consume. That, of course, also contributes to the steep cost of Luwak Coffee.


The expensive price of Luwak Coffee has led some farmers to find easier –and quicker–  ways to produce Luwak Coffee, one of them is to keep the civet cats in cages and feed them solely with coffee beans, whereas in the forests they usually eat insects and small reptiles too as part of their daily diet. This arrangement has caused malnutrition in some civet cats. The so-called “a more efficient way” is considered animal cruelty by most people. The traditional Luwak Coffee farmers also claim that the cruel treatment of the civet cats may affect the overall profile and flavor of Luwak Coffee.


Therefore, if you are trying to find the real Luwak Coffee, the most important thing to put on your to-do list is to ensure that the coffee beans come from wild civet cats, not those in cages. However, if you are a busy person with little time to do an overall and thorough search on which Luwak Coffee brand is the real deal, you can always talk to us at Coffee Arks. Our Luwak Coffee beans are guaranteed for their quality and authenticity. With a comprehensive collection of coffee beans from all over Indonesia, buying coffee beans from Coffee Arks will definitely save a lot of your time and energy.

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