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What Makes Toraja Sulawesi Coffee So Special?

Toraja Sulawesi Coffee is among the most popular coffee beans from Indonesia. Grown in the uplands of southeast Sulawesi, Toraja coffee tends to have a relatively low yet vibrant acidity. Coffee experts refer to Toraja coffee as very fruity, but also very earthy. While other experts said that Toraja coffee’s profile is deep and smoky, with hints of dull fruit, rustic sweetness, and often a spicy quality. This doesn’t mean that Toraja coffee is an overly light acidic coffee. On the contrary, it is still very rich, dark, and pleasantly delicious.

toraja sulawesi coffee

Of course, different plantations produce different Toraja coffee beans, especially in terms of taste and coffee profile. If you are looking to buy the best Toraja coffee, the highest quality comes from small farms in the area of north Toraja at higher altitudes, and it’s generally superior to the ones grown in areas further south, at lower elevations.


Toraja Sulawesi Coffee is not only loved by Indonesians, but it also holds a special place in Japan, the United States, and certain European countries such as Denmark and Iceland. This is something that we Indonesians should be proud of, having a specialty coffee that is admired and sought after by coffee connoisseurs across the globe.


Toraja Sulawesi Coffee even undergoes a unique processing method used mainly in Indonesia. The processing method is known as Giling Basah or Wet-Hull. Despite sounding like wet processing –the most common type of coffee processing– Wet-Hulling is in fact quite different. It’s a rustic method that was invented as a way to dry the green beans faster in a rainy, wet environment. Similar to the washed process, the coffee beans are harvested, pulped, and fermented, then rinsed clean the following morning. But all of this is done by hand, in buckets and baskets in the farmers’ backyards. So, the process is fairly traditional.


The Wet-Hull method is used because Indonesia’s humid weather makes it hard for coffee to dry for long periods of time. A combination of rain and moisture prevents easy drying, and the farmers have had to figure out another way to process their coffee. An additional factor is the urge to get their coffee on the market as quickly as possible. Spending more time drying out coffee means they have to wait longer to market it, so they prefer to use Wet-Hull as a faster method.


The semi-dry processing, which sometimes leads to uneven roasting, significantly affects the character of the brewed coffee. Wet-Hulled coffee has a distinctive tendency towards earthy, solid flavors. It has low acidity as a result of the fermentation happens during processing. It is also known to have a distinct spicy flavor. The quality of Wet-Hulled coffee varies. Once done right, a great cup of coffee can be achieved. Despite the sometimes-sloppy method, Wet-Hulled coffee can be an amazing drink, as is Toraja Sulawesi Coffee. In terms of brewing, the richness of Toraja coffee makes it delicious even if brewed by any method. If you want a thick flavor, brew an espresso. The dark and deep earthy flavors fit perfectly with a well-crafted espresso. Meanwhile, if you want it to taste a little lighter, brew it by pouring over.


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