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Best Arabica Coffee Beans in Indonesia

It is well known that Indonesia is one of the world’s leading coffee-producing countries, and home to several renowned Arabica coffee beans whose flavors have captivated coffee lovers worldwide. Premium Indonesian coffee beans have been exported to various countries around the world, served in star hotels and famous coffee shops. Known for its unique flavors, velvety mouthfeel, and earthy tones, Indonesian Arabica coffee has always won admiration everywhere. The earthy flavors are a bit of an acquired taste, and as a result Indonesian coffees are often held in high regard by experienced coffee drinkers. Among so many arabica coffee beans growing in the highlands of Indonesia today, some great ones really stand out, making their mark on the vibrant and exciting coffee industry. We may not be able to cover them all, but here we have gathered a list of just a few great Indonesian Arabica coffee beans that are definitely a must-try:
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Sumatra Lintong Coffee
Sumatra Lintong Coffee grows in the highlands of Lintongnihuta, surrounding Lake Toba, the largest volcanic lake in the world. Although it is often less known than other Sumatran coffees like Mandheling and Gayo, Lintong Coffee is still one of the finest Sumatran coffee beans and has long been recognized at the international level. Lintong coffee tends to be smooth and low in acidity. It also has a spicy and herbaceous aroma, with some chocolate hints. High-quality Lintong coffee beans stand out from other Sumatran coffees with their clean mouthfeel and particularly bright acidity. Compared to Mandheling, Lintong coffee has a more medium body, while still preserving its dark chocolate notes and fresh earthy flavor.

Java Ijen Coffee
Originated from Bondowoso, East Java, Java Ijen Coffee has been around since the 17th century when Indonesia was still a part of the Dutch colony. Taken its name from Mount Ijen, the coffee bean grows on the Ijen Plateau about 1400 meters above sea level. Java Ijen Coffee presents a relatively heavy body, but lighter than some other Indonesian coffees in the surrounding areas. Java Ijen Coffee has a fairly rustic flavor profile with a lingering finish, herbaceous nuances in the aftertaste, and less acidity. It may contain slightly spicy or smoky twists that make it even more distinctive. Overall, it has a sweet impression, with a very soft and supple flavor.

Bali Blue Moon
Bali is not only well-known for its diverse natural beauty, with its stunning beaches and unique cultural wealth, but also for its delicious coffee beans. Bali Blue Moon coffee is grown in the Kintamani Highlands. This area offers a volcanic soil rich in nutrients, making it ideal for growing coffee. Bali Blue Moon beans are described as slightly syrupy, with vanilla and dark chocolate notes in perfect balance. It is also low in acidity, which makes it pleasant for just about anyone.

There are still so many other great Indonesian Arabica coffee beans, such as Sumatra Mandheling, Bali Kintamani, Flores Bajawa, Papua Wamena, and many more. They are all fascinating Arabica coffee beans with a distinctive Indonesian flavor profile that are admired by coffee enthusiasts around the world.

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