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Where to Buy Luwak Coffee and Things to Consider

We might have known the hard facts about luwak coffee for quite some time now. While this so-called cat poop coffee is deemed as one of the most expensive coffees in the world, the luwak coffee business has also been tainted with a lot of wrongful practice. Besides the controversies of caged civets, some shady farmers would even make a totally fake luwak coffee, without the involvement of civets in their production process. A coffee expert once witnessed a naughty luwak coffee producer in Bali where they peeled the coffee skin, then dried the coffee cherries which still had mucilage on them, and when the mucus was almost dry, they squeezed the coffee beans until it was in the form of civet feces. They want to imitate the luwak coffee for easy money, without doing all the hard work. Hence, with too many fake products around us, it is extremely difficult to find authentic wild luwak coffee. So, the big question is, where do we get the genuine wild luwak coffee? Well, the best and safest option is to buy luwak coffee from an authorized seller, preferably a well-known coffee supplier with a stellar reputation and years of experience in the coffee industry. But there are a few more important key points you need to consider when planning to purchase luwak coffee from a certain supplier:

1. Price
To buy luwak coffee, we must have thorough information about the price. Luwak coffee is a premium and rare specialty coffee. So, its price is beyond expensive. It is inevitable due to the long and complicated production process, which ultimately leads to scarcity, causing an imbalance between supply and demand. High demand and low supply raise the price even higher. Nowadays, luwak coffee costs around 800 USD to 1,300 USD per kilogram. Yes, it is that expensive! So, if you see prices that are much lower than the ‘normal’ price range above, then you might have found a fake product that is surely not worth your money.
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2. Transparency
As you may know, there are basically two main production methods for luwak coffee, the wild luwak coffee and the farmed luwak coffee. The genuine wild luwak coffee is obviously the rarest and most expensive. In order to guarantee its authenticity, the packaging for wild luwak coffee will be labelled “Certified Wild Kopi Luwak”. To maintain a good reputation, a reliable coffee supplier will be open and upfront about their luwak coffee product, be it wild or farmed luwak coffee. A top-of-the-range coffee supplier typically only sells wild luwak coffee. One more thing about wild luwak coffee; there won’t be much available in the marketplace. According to some estimates, there could be 500 kilograms of wild luwak coffee produced each year or less, making it extremely unlikely if a coffee provider could store a large number of the genuine article. So, if you are planning to buy luwak coffee, we strongly recommend you to ask about what type of luwak coffee it is, where it comes from, and whether they have proof or photos of the farm.

3. Taste
Taste can’t lie. We can make a thorough check on everything, including its price and genuine warranty, but in the end, it comes down to this: the taste. How does it taste? Since the original wild luwak coffee will have a distinct flavor and aroma that is impossible to imitate. A trusted supplier will allow you to sample the coffee bean before making a purchase. While origin, variety of coffee beans, and the production process may affect its taste, there are a few things about luwak coffee that are unlike any other coffee in the world. In short, luwak coffee is very smooth. The digestive process the beans go through makes luwak coffee beans contain fewer protein than regular beans. Protein is believed to account for a large part of the coffee’s bitterness. Therefore, luwak coffee has less bitterness, or is smoother, compared to any other coffee. If you are a regular coffee drinker, this will be very noticeable. Luwak coffee is also prone to having a heavier mouthfeel. Last but not least, you should taste what are often described as “earthy” flavors. Some luwak coffee will also have hints of dark chocolate and a caramel finish.

So, we hope you found this article useful, especially when you plan on buying luwak coffee. Remember that we are talking about one of the most expensive coffees in the world. Careful buying is essential, and it surely prevents much disappointment on your part.

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