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Mocha Java Coffee: A Short Guide

Mocha found in cafes or restaurants. Both are two different types of beverages that most likely never crossed paths before. The term “Mocha” is probably the only similarity between the two. This article, however, will talk about the Mocha Java coffee beans. Mocha Java coffee is considered to be the world’s oldest coffee blend. Created in the 17th century, Mocha Java could be the first coffee blend ever made. The term Mocha Java itself has a unique historical meaning. Mocha is a port in Yemen at the southern tip of the Red Sea, while Java is the name of Indonesia’s main island, where coffee was first cultivated in the country.

Java Coffee Beans
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The story of Mocha Java coffee blend goes all the way back to when traders were sailing from Europe to Indonesia. Ships would stop in the port of Java and pick up Indonesian coffee beans. Then on their way home, they would make a stop at the bustling port of Mocha in Yemen, to pick up coffee beans as well. Coffee beans from Mocha were lighter, fruitier, and brighter than Java coffee. Although having the same roots –Java coffee was also cultivated from Yemen’s coffee plants brought by Dutch traders to Java– They became completely different in flavors. Since they were planted in a different soil. Eventually, in the late 1800s coffee producers had a brilliant idea to blend the two types of coffee beans together, as they believed it would create unique and harmonized flavors. Thus, two of the best premium coffee beans were combined into one perfect blend with complimentary tasting characteristics. The bright, fruity notes of Yemen coffee perfectly matched the deep, rich nuances of the Indonesian Java coffee beans. Hence, the sensational Mocha Java blend was born.

Unfortunately, the rust plague that took place in the early 20th century destroyed almost every coffee tree in Java. Although Java coffee was later replanted, many in the industry believe that the new crops lack the original taste of the old crops. These days, it’s becoming increasingly rare to find the original Mocha Java blend in today’s global coffee market. Many commercial blends of Mocha Java no longer use the Yemen and Java coffee beans. They substitute other coffees for both the Yemen Mocha and the Java Arabica.

Many people have the wrong idea when they hear the name Mocha Java. It is important to know that this coffee blend is not the Mocha drink available at cafes or restaurants. Mocha is a specialty drink made from hot chocolate and coffee. It is totally different and has nothing to do with the traditional Mocha Java coffee blend that is discussed in this article. The drink’s flavor does not reflect the real flavor of Mocha Java coffee.

The great thing is that the complex and balanced flavor of Mocha Java makes it ideal for espresso roasting. In fact, its characteristics shine bright in a very dark roast. So, it goes without saying, the Mocha Java coffee blend is a noteworthy addition to the coffee industry. It is a legendary – and the oldest– coffee blend that everyone must try.

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