3 The Most Unique Indonesian Coffee Beverages

3 The Most Unique Indonesian Coffee Beverages

3 The Most Unique Indonesian Coffee Beverages– With so many coffee bean types in Indonesia, plus the best environment and weather to plant them, it is not surprising if we also can find various Indonesian coffee beverages. Each of them has a different taste that amplifies the true flavor of the coffee bean. Moreover, all […]

Taste of Papua Wamena Coffee

taste of papua wamena coffee fix

Character and Taste of Papua Wamena Coffee, Coffee Without Pesticides   Papuan Wamena Coffee Taste The taste of Papua Wamena coffee is very unique, ranging from chocolate and floral aroma, medium acid, to medium body. There are many opinions among coffee connoisseurs that this rare floral aroma is caused by the height of the soil […]

Ijen Raung Java Arabica Coffee

Ijen Raung Java Arabica Coffee

Characteristics and Benefits of Ijen Raung Arabica Coffee Ijen Raung java arabica coffee, typical of Bondowoso, is very delicious and unique. Where one of these coffees has a tamarind taste with a spicy blend that is not felt. The bitterness of the coffee beans does not taste thick, even the aroma is very distinctive with […]

Indonesian Luwak Coffee, One of the Most Expensive Coffees in the World

Indonesian Luwak Coffee

Indonesian Luwak Coffee Luwak coffee is a drink that comes from coffee beans harvested from the cleaned feces of the wild luwak. This drink has a smoother taste than coffee in general, presumably this is due to the fermentation process in the luwak stomach. Indonesian luwak coffee is one of the luxury drinks that is […]

Bali Kintamani Arabica Coffee

bali kintamani arabica coffee

Bali Kintamani Arabica Coffee Besides being famous for its natural beauty, it turns out that Bali is also famous for its kintamani coffee. Bali Kintamani coffee is produced from arabica coffee plants that are planted in the Kintamani highlands, precisely in Kintamani Village, Bangli Regency, Bali Province, with an altitude above 900 meters above sea […]

5 Advantages of Mandailing Arabica Coffee Taste

Advantages of Mandailing Arabica Coffee

Advantages of Mandailing Arabica Coffee For coffee lovers who have sensitive stomachs, you can try this coffee. Mandailing coffee will not increase stomach acid. Why? Because the taste of coffee that is created is not sour and not sweet. So that it can be friends with the stomach.   Mandailing Arabica Coffee is a typical […]

Character and Taste of Toraja Coffee, Favorite in Europe

the taste of toraja coffee beans coffee arks

Character and Taste of Toraja Coffee The distinctive character of Toraja coffee is a thick body and low acidity. The taste is predominantly brown and earthy. Toraja coffee’s very strong taste makes it a favorite and is sold at high prices in Northern European countries. In fact, this drink is considered a luxury drink.   […]

Flores Arabica Coffee

Flores Arabica Coffee from East Indonesia | Coffee Arks

Flores Arabica Coffee From East Indonesia Coffee is one drink that has no doubt about its enjoyment. One of the coffee producers that has a unique and delicious taste is Flores. With a tropical climate, coffee plants thrive in Flores with very satisfying results. One of the most popular is Flores Arabica coffee.   This […]

The Advantages of Gayo Arabica Coffee

The Advantages of Gayo Arabica Coffee

The Advantages of Gayo Arabica Coffee Arabica coffee is an export product that has superior quality in Indonesia. When viewed specifically, this coffee plantation commodity is the main commodity in the Gayo highland area, namely, Central Aceh Regency. In addition, this plantation is also being promoted in the Bener Meriah area. It should be noted […]

9 Types of The Best Coffee Beans from Indonesia

9 Types of The Best Coffee Beans in Indonesia

Type of the Best Coffee Beans from Indonesia 1. Gayo Coffee – Aceh The best type of Aceh coffee is Gayo Arabica Coffee from Sumatra province. Gayo Aceh coffee has a watery texture, is not too thick, and has a balanced level of acidity. One of the best types of coffee has a long process […]