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How to Find a Good Roasted Coffee Bean Supplier

Coffee Processing Methods

Setting up a new coffee shop or café? The first thing you need to do is find a good roasted coffee bean supplier. It’s not hard, but it’s not an easy task either. You should at least do your homework before deciding which supplier is right for your business. It can be a daunting task, […]

Arabica Coffee Farming in Java

Ijen Raung Java Arabica Coffee 3

Indonesian Arabica beans are always a good choice for coffee shops or restaurants. Besides having a rich earthy taste, Indonesian Arabica beans are generally available at affordable prices. Safe to say, it’s good for business. Many parts of Indonesia are a healthy environment for Arabica beans to grow. Especially the upland areas with volcanic soil […]

The Best Arabica Coffee Supplier in Indonesia

The Best Arabica Coffee Supplier in Indonesia

Are you looking for the best Arabica coffee supplier in Indonesia? Well, we believe that Coffee Arks is one of them. We are a trusted Indonesian coffee beans supplier with decades of experience in the coffee industry. Coffee Arks provide the finest Arabica and Robusta coffee beans at competitive price. If you’re looking for Arabica […]

Looking for a Coffee Bean Supplier in Indonesia?

Indonesian Luwak Coffee

One thing for sure when you’re building a coffee business: you need to start looking for a coffee bean supplier. A really good one, of course. A reliable wholesale company that’s committed to always providing you with high quality coffee beans. Even better if they’re a one stop solution, offering a wide range of products […]

All You Need to Know about Robusta Coffee

3 Reasons You Should Only Drink Luwak Coffee in Indonesia

We all know about Robusta coffee. The term Robusta is so popular, especially among avid coffee drinkers. But for some people, it’s just some sort of coffee. Although in fact, Robusta is a very interesting coffee bean. Here, in this article, we will focus on Robusta beans, and reveal all the good things about this […]

Visiting Luwak Coffee Plantation Bali

kopi luwak

You might have been very familiar with Luwak coffee. It is the legendary Indonesian coffee and apparently one of the most expensive coffees in the world today. What you probably don’t know is that the Luwak coffee is not only produced in Sumatra, but also on the gorgeous island of Bali. Moreover, Luwak coffee plantation […]

Mocha Java Coffee: A Short Guide

Mocha found in cafes or restaurants. Both are two different types of beverages that most likely never crossed paths before. The term “Mocha” is probably the only similarity between the two. This article, however, will talk about the Mocha Java coffee beans. Mocha Java coffee is considered to be the world’s oldest coffee blend. Created […]

Java Coffee : A Beginner’s Guide

4 Most Popular Coffee in Indonesia You Should Taste At Least Once in Your Lifetime

Java Coffee has a very special place in the hearts of coffee lovers. The word Java is even used as a nickname for coffee, internationally. Though not the largest island in Indonesia, Java is one of the main islands where the capital city, Jakarta is located. That means the island is very crowded, with immigrants […]

Getting to Know Sumatra Coffee’s Flavor

Coffee Roasting Types

Not everyone loves Sumatra Coffee, but for some coffee lovers, it could be one of the most unique coffees they have ever tasted. It is definitely an “either you love it or hate it” beverage. Sumatra’s most well-known Arabica coffees such as, Mandheling, Aceh Gayo, Lintong, and Ankola Coffee, for instance, have captivated millions of […]