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All You Need to Know about Robusta Coffee

3 Reasons You Should Only Drink Luwak Coffee in Indonesia

We all know about Robusta coffee. The term Robusta is so popular, especially among avid coffee drinkers. But for some people, it’s just some sort of coffee. Although in fact, Robusta is a very interesting coffee bean. Here, in this article, we will focus on Robusta beans, and reveal all the good things about this […]

Mocha Java Coffee: A Short Guide

Mocha found in cafes or restaurants. Both are two different types of beverages that most likely never crossed paths before. The term “Mocha” is probably the only similarity between the two. This article, however, will talk about the Mocha Java coffee beans. Mocha Java coffee is considered to be the world’s oldest coffee blend. Created […]

What is Arabica Coffee and What Makes It So Special?

gayo coffee

What is Arabica coffee actually? Why is it so loved by coffee buffs around the world? As coffee entrepreneurs, we should be able to answer those questions. Arabica coffee – also known as the Arabic coffee – is a type of coffee made from the beans of the Coffea arabica plant. Originating from Ethiopia, it […]

Get to Know the Mandheling Coffee, and Why It Is Special

Sumatra coffee’s flavor

The name rings a bell, doesn’t it? Some people used it for their coffee shops or restaurants’ brand name, but not many realized that it is actually the name of a specialty coffee from Sumatra, Indonesia. Originating from the Mandailing area, near Bukit Barisan Mountains, North Sumatra, this coffee bean was brought to Indonesia for […]

Brewing Method for The Most Expensive Coffees

Indonesian Coffee

Brewing coffee with just the right method will create a perfect and delightful cup of coffee. That is why brewing methods are that important, especially if you have a special kind of coffee such as Kopi Luwak, which is deemed as one of the most expensive coffees –or even the most expensive coffee– in the […]

What Makes Toraja Sulawesi Coffee So Special?

Toraja Sulawesi Coffee is among the most popular coffee beans from Indonesia. Grown in the uplands of southeast Sulawesi, Toraja coffee tends to have a relatively low yet vibrant acidity. Coffee experts refer to Toraja coffee as very fruity, but also very earthy. While other experts said that Toraja coffee’s profile is deep and smoky, […]

The Legendary Indonesian Coffee Poop

kopi luwak

If you are on a mission of finding the world’s most unique coffee, make no mistake, you will find it in Indonesia. Meet the legendary Indonesian Coffee Poop, Kopi Luwak, which is also considered as one of the most expensive coffee beans in the world. Why “coffee poop”? Well, it has to do with how […]

9 Types of The Best Coffee Beans from Indonesia

9 Types of The Best Coffee Beans in Indonesia

Type of the Best Coffee Beans from Indonesia 1. Gayo Coffee – Aceh The best type of Aceh coffee is Gayo Arabica Coffee from Sumatra province. Gayo Aceh coffee has a watery texture, is not too thick, and has a balanced level of acidity. One of the best types of coffee has a long process […]