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Arabica Coffee Farming in Indonesia

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Located on the coffee belt –the equatorial regions where coffee grows best– Indonesia is the fifth-largest coffee producing country in Indonesia. Coffee plantations –for Robusta and Arabica coffee farming– are spread across Indonesia’s main islands, such as Sumatra, Java, Sulawesi, Papua, Flores, and Bali. Being one of the largest islands in Indonesia, Sumatra contributes a […]

Best Arabica Coffee Beans in Indonesia

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It is well known that Indonesia is one of the world’s leading coffee-producing countries, and home to several renowned Arabica coffee beans whose flavors have captivated coffee lovers worldwide. Premium Indonesian coffee beans have been exported to various countries around the world, served in star hotels and famous coffee shops. Known for its unique flavors, […]

Flores Arabica Coffee

Flores Arabica Coffee from East Indonesia | Coffee Arks

Flores Arabica Coffee From East Indonesia Coffee is one drink that has no doubt about its enjoyment. One of the coffee producers that has a unique and delicious taste is Flores. With a tropical climate, coffee plants thrive in Flores with very satisfying results. One of the most popular is Flores Arabica coffee.   This […]