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3 Reasons Why You Should Only Drink Luwak Coffee in Indonesia

Reasons Why You Should Drink Luwak Coffee in Indonesia
Reasons Why You Should Drink Luwak Coffee in Indonesia

Do you want to enjoy Luwak Coffee? You can easily buy and enjoy it at the nearby coffee shop. This type of coffee is available anywhere. Of course, you also need to prepare for more budgets to get a sip of this coffee bean that is said to be the most delicious coffee in the world.

However, if you asked us about enjoying Luwak coffee, we would have only one answer. Try it in the place where this coffee comes from, Indonesia. There are many things that you can get from visiting Indonesia to enjoy Luwak coffee. Here are some of them.

The Price is Much Cheaper

One of the reasons why you should enjoy Luwak coffee Indonesia in its original place is its price. Compared to buying it in other countries where you live, the price is much cheaper. The price is increased because of the cost of the import and transportation. Therefore, if you buy it directly from the plantation and maker in Indonesia, you pay much cheaper. You can even take a coffee-themed tour and get a chance to enjoy Luwak coffee for free.

The Natural Coffee Beans

When the Luwak coffee is exported to other countries, they will create a certain condition that lets the beans inside its package last longer. In many cases, it could reduce the taste and natural flavor of the coffee. It happens a lot because the transportation could take a very long time. A food product like this could change during that transportation.

Therefore, if you want to enjoy the best flavor of Luwak Coffee from Indonesia, you should try it at the place where it is made. Many coffee plantations in Indonesia provide the tour and a chance to buy and enjoy their coffee product directly after it is processed.

This offer also is one of the efforts from the Luwak coffee maker to show that they are not harming the animal during the process. They only use the safest way to acquire and harvest the coffee beans that they will process into Luwak coffee. So, you also can take that tour and try the most natural way to enjoy Luwak coffee, which we believe has much better taste this way.

Avoid Scam

One of the main reasons why you should enjoy Luwak coffee in Indonesia is to avoid scams. If you buy it from a local store or online store, there is a big chance that you can get scammed. It happens a lot especially if you choose to buy from a suspicious indonesia coffee supplier. You pay a lot of money, but you don’t get the coffee beans that you want. Or, they even mix the Luwak coffee beans with other beans.

Therefore, if you drink this most expensive coffee directly in Indonesia, you don’t need to worry about scams and similar problems. Of course, you also should buy it from the reliable and trusted coffee shop in Indonesia, which is many.

And, speaking about a coffee shop that provides Luwak coffee, you can find it without having too much trouble. Moreover, they have a detailed and comfortable environment that is suitable for the coffee type that you drink. Therefore, you can get a much better experience from your Luwak coffee drinking.


Those are the benefits and reasons why you should drink Luwak coffee directly in Indonesia. However, if you don’t have time to visit Indonesia, you can always find the Coffee Bean Supply place. For that reason, you can buy it from Coffee Arks. This Indonesian coffee supplier has the best Luwak coffee product and other coffee beans that you also can buy. So, get the original Luwak coffee from them now!

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